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Driver safety and care during coronavirus

15/04/2020 by Kate Walker in Fleetcare news

During this unprecedented and challenging time, we understand the important and essential work that drivers do, delivering food, fuel and medicines, even transporting patients.

While most Australians have been advised to stay home wherever possible, career drivers are still out and about, unfortunately exposing them to a higher degree of risk during the pandemic. If you or your employees are considered an essential driver during the coronavirus, we want to make sure that you're safe.

Along with our vehicle disinfection guide, we've prepared a Safe Driving Guide for use during the coronavirus pandemic, especially for those workers who are still making deliveries.

Click here to download Fleetcare's coronavirus safe driving guide.

For running updates on Coronavirus fleet news please visit our dedicated Coronavirus Fleetcare page.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This content is current as at 7 April 2020 and provided for information purposes only. The information may not be suitable or appropriate for your organisation’s operations and needs. As such, please undertake your own independent assessment(s) and take into consideration any specific government laws and guidance. Response and advice regarding Coronavirus is changing rapidly and it is important that you keep up to date with all relevant information issued by the Australian Government.

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