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Finance & Leasing

Flexible financing options for your fleet.
With a range of financing options and the expertise to help you make the best purchasing decisions for your fleet, you can trust your fleet finance to Fleetcare.
Want to reduce your residual risk and bundle your running costs? An operating lease is a great solution. Need to free up capital? Ask about our sale and leaseback service. Prefer to own your vehicles? A secured loan or hire purchase might suit. No matter how you currently finance your vehicles, our fleet financing experts can offer advice and solutions to help you meet your finance goals.

Benefits of financing with Fleetcare

Fleet costs are flattened over the life of each vehicle through monthly billing.
Financing your fleet means your cash is more easily accessible and can be spent where it's needed most.
Fleetcare will negotiate the best vehicle price, source competitive finance rates and bundle maintenance.
Our Fleet Finance Consultants arrange applications, approvals, and funding - no need to leave the office.
Fleetcare combines all of your fleet expenses into one monthly invoice.
Our superior purchase power means we can get you discounted rates when updating or adding to your fleet.

Looking for a Finance & Leasing solution for your business?

Speak to a fleet finance consultant to find the best solution to meet your needs.
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