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Operating Lease

Reduce risk. Smooth costs. Improve fleet efficiency.
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An operating lease is an easy and cost effective way of financing your company’s vehicles. It’s a fully integrated, tax deductible leasing option that’s like a long-term vehicle rental. The two key benefits of an operating lease are that you carry no residual value risk and can combine most of your vehicle running costs into one smooth, monthly payment.
Fleetcare owns the vehicle and provides you with exclusive use for one to five years in return for lease rental payments. There is no initial deposit or outlay for your business. At the end of the operating lease, you simply return the vehicle back to Fleetcare, allowing you to have the most current models, increasing your competitive advantage.

Why choose an Operating Lease?

Access working capital
Monthly repayments are spread over time so that you can keep your cash reserves for more effective use and maximise your key business performance indicators. You can also free up your company’s capital and internal resources to invest in your business, while Fleetcare takes care of your vehicles.
It's tax deductible
Leasing payments excluding the GST portion are usually tax deductible when the vehicle is used for business purposes, helping your bottom line. GST on monthly payments is claimed through your business activity statement (BAS) submission.
It eliminates residual and asset risk
With an operating lease, Fleetcare carries the risk of the residual value and vehicle disposal. At the end of the lease, you simply return the vehicle with no further obligations and upgrade to the latest model. There’s no outflow of cash reserves to buy assets, which will only depreciate, and the vehicles can be used for short or long periods of time, with no residual risk at any stage.
One fixed monthly payment
One fixed monthly maintenance and lease payment benefits your cash flow and makes budget forecasting more accurate, as well as protecting you against interest rate fluctuations. You’ll be able to accurately budget for the total costs associated with running your fleet. The monthly payment is delivered in a single invoice, making payment easy to manage.
Reduced administration

An operating lease includes most vehicle running and maintenance costs, including servicing, registration/third party insurance, replacement tyres, roadside assistance, lease reporting and fines management, within a set monthly repayment. This can assist in your business cash flow, as you have flattened vehicle running costs that are known in advance.

Fleetcare can also supply and manage your fuel cards, e-tags and insurance, which are invoiced on a monthly basis as used.

Vehicle protection options

Car care is essential in helping to safeguard your car against the inevitable bird droppings, dirt and mud, coffee spills and everything in between!

Fleetcare offers premium protection packages that help withstand whatever the environment throws at you, keeping you and your car safe and looking like new.

Check out our full range of protection products here.

Operating Lease compared to traditional finance methods

comparison of operating lease and traditional finance methods  with explanation

Operating Lease FAQs

Is an operating lease right for me?

An operating lease is an ideal solution if your business wants to reduce fleet administration, doesn’t want to carry the residual value risk of an asset and wants to have the most current models by continually upgrading your vehicles.

Will an operating lease create more paperwork for me?

No. In fact, an operating lease will do the complete opposite! Because an operating lease includes most vehicle running and maintenance costs managed by Fleetcare in one monthly repayment, Fleetcare will manage your paperwork for you, freeing up your time to focus on your business.

What's the difference between an operating lease and a finance lease?

The main difference between these finance types revolves around risk. The choice to use either finance method depends on your business requirements.

Risk – Future Value: Under an operating lease, Fleetcare determines a future value based on the term and km’s travelled. At lease end Fleetcare retains the ownership and carries all the risk on the vehicle’s value. Under a finance lease the Australian Tax Office has guidelines to determine the required residual value. This residual value then becomes the amount that you pay at the lease end, so you are taking the risk on the vehicle.

Risk – Running Costs: An operating lease can include costs such as servicing, registration renewal, and replacement tyres. These are based on the term and km’s and are included in the fixed rental – that is Fleetcare carries the risk. A finance lease does not include running costs in the rental but these would be recharged on a monthly basis when required.

Is there a minimum number of vehicles for an operating lease?

There is generally no minimum or maximum number of vehicles that can be leased but this will depend on your company’s financial position.

What's the difference between a fully maintained and a non-maintained operating lease?

A fully maintained operating lease rental includes vehicle servicing, registration renewal, replacement tyres, roadside assistance, e-tag Management, accident management, fuel-card management and reporting. Under a non-maintained operating lease all running costs are charged back to you on a monthly basis – the lease rental covers the financing of the vehicle only.

What vehicles can I lease on an operating lease?

Any new vehicle that is offered for sale by a manufacturer approved dealer can be financed under an operating lease.

Can I take out an operating lease on vehicles I already own?

Fleetcare can buy back any current vehicles you have via a Sale & Leaseback agreement which is also a great way to free up capital. Once values and lease rentals are determined, payment will be made as per our agreed arrangements.

Can Fleetcare source the vehicle?

Yes - Fleetcare purchases numerous vehicles on a weekly basis – we have a dedicated dealer network that we purchase through to ensure all discounts are passed onto you.

What is the standard term for an operating lease?

An operating lease term can range anywhere from 12 and 60 months. Fleetcare recommend a 3 year term to ensure you maximise the vehicle warranty and end of term value.

Am I able to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term?

Fleetcare will discuss end of lease options with you prior to the end of the contract – if you are interested in purchasing the financed vehicle, let us know so we can discuss the possibilities.

Can I customise my vehicle with accessories or add-ons?

You can customise your vehicle any way that you like, as long as you let Fleetcare know what additional accessories or add-ons you want at the quote stage. This ensures that we can get the cheapest quote for you, which includes the pricing of the accessories and add-ons.

If you’re looking to protect your vehicle even more, we offer a range of additional vehicle protection options designed to enhance the safety and enjoyment of your vehicle. For a full list of options, click here.

Who will own the vehicle at the end of the lease?

Fleetcare will own the vehicle at the end of the operating lease term.

Think an Operating Lease is right for you?

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