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The Fleetcare Difference

All about Fleetcare.
The driving force behind Fleetcare has always been a desire ‘to do things better’

This has been true since our establishment in 1989 as one of Australia's most successful independent fleet management and leasing solutions businesses.

We partner with our customers strategically, anticipating their needs and providing unparalleled levels of service. We demonstrate our ongoing commitment by assisting our customers to reach their business goals.

Fleetcare provide comprehensive fleet management and leasing solutions for both public and private sector organisations including:

  • Corporate Finance and Leasing
  • Fleet Management
  • Novated Leasing
  • Telematics
  • Small Business Vehicle Management
  • Fuel Cards

Fleetcare manages over 42,000 vehicles across Australia, employs a team of 100+ staff and is still growing.

Our formula for success is simple

We're all about people.
We know that our business is all about people. Our customers and each other.
Our team are industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge which we can draw on, and we pride ourselves on our ability to think creatively and offer leadership along with exceptional customer service.
We care enough to solve problems.
Our world is changing fast and we are agile.
We are technologically advanced and constantly innovating, always offering our customers the latest in interactive tools, real-time experiences and data capture to improve their experience and optimise their fleet.
We act in your best interest.
Fleetcare is privately owned which allows us to provide objective recommendations without bias.
Our comprehensive solutions are provided to all types of organisations across government and corporate.
We're driven by building robust processes and continuous improvement.

Fleetcare is committed to delivering quality products and services to our clients and proudly complies with:

  • ISO9001 Quality Management
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO45001 Health and Safety standards

SAI Global audit our ISO commitment on an annual basis. 

We’re driven by building robust processes and continuous improvement together with our Lean 6 Sigma principles. Fleetcare has been Quality assured since 1994. We’re invested in helping to reduce environmental impacts, reduce waste and be more sustainable and we value our employee’s in the workplace by reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Our Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety policies are available on request by emailing

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