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Not-For-Profit (NFP)

Optimise Your Fleet Operations and Reduce Costs with Our Solutions

Fleet Management for Not-for-Profit

Fleetcare’s Fleet Management team has a rich history in working with Not for Profit’s (NFP) over its 33-year history and has worked with many different partners within the NFP industry. This has enabled us to gain a valuable understanding of what is required to support organisations operating in this sector.
With many recent changes in the NFP industry such as those affecting NDIS providers, the strategies that we deploy are more agile and have the potential to scale up and down quicker depending upon the needs of the organisation depending on services offered, or the demand for those services.
Why Fleetcare?

We understand, and relate to the narrative of your organisation.

  • You are passionate about purpose: Not-for-profit organisations work to benefit their cause and the wider community, so they’re passionate about their work. Our relationship management teams strive hard to encourage this passion in the day-to-day interactions.
  • No administration headaches: Our in-house customer service teams are on hand to manage all aspects of the lease so there will be no increase to your administration levels, and you will have a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your business’s motoring needs.
  • You require sector-specific expertise and they value experience: Fleetcare have a wealth of experience in managing NFP And Government clients and can add a lot of value in delivering exceptional outcomes.
  • Your sector continues to growing both in terms of services required and competition: Fleetcare understands the importance of this and strives to help set policy, develop transitional strategies, and look to improve asset utilisation. Eliminating wastage and improving utilisation is what we breath day to day

How can fleet management benefit your NFP organisation?

Improved Safety

With effective fleet management, not-for-profit organizations can implement safety measures for their vehicles and drivers, such as regular maintenance and repairs, and monitoring of driving behavior, which can reduce the likelihood of accidents and keep the organization's staff and volunteers safe.

Cost Savings

​Fleet management can help not-for-profit organizations reduce costs associated with their vehicles, such as fuel expenses, maintenance costs, and insurance premiums. By optimizing routes, monitoring fuel consumption, and implementing preventative maintenance programs, organizations can minimize expenses and allocate more funds to their core mission.

Increased Efficiency

​By utilizing fleet management technologies such as GPS tracking and telematics, not-for-profit organizations can monitor their vehicles in real-time, identify inefficiencies in their operations, and make necessary changes to improve performance and productivity.

Enhanced Accountability

​Fleet management can provide not-for-profit organizations with a clear view of their vehicle usage and driver behavior, enabling them to enforce policies and procedures, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Enviromental Benefits

​Fleet management can help not-for-profit organizations reduce their carbon footprint by optimizing routes, promoting efficient driving habits, and identifying opportunities to switch to alternative fuel vehicles or reduce the number of vehicles in their fleet. This can align with the organization's environmental sustainability goals and demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility.

Integral role in the success of our businesses

"Fleetcare has played an integral role in the success of our businesses, horticultural and road transport. To be able to seamlessly look after all our fuel and eTolls, plus furnish me with tax compliant EOM details that assist in my quarterly BAS obligations concerning diesel rebates etc, the entire relationship we enjoy with Fleetcare is testament to their commitment to looking after their clients, regardless of turnover/fleet size."


What is fleet management, and how does it work?

Fleet Management from Fleetcare covers all aspects of your NFP fleet from fuel and maintenance, registration, crash management and more within one simple system. We can even finance the vehicle through a range of vehicle financing options. We aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and realign your focus to your businesses requirements.

How can fleet management benefit our not-for-profit organisation?

Fleet management can benefit your organisation by reducing costs associated with your vehicles, improving driver safety, increasing efficiency, promoting environmental sustainability, and enhancing accountability.

How much does fleet management cost for not-for-profit organisations?

At Fleetcare, we understand that not all businesses are alike. Whether you’re looking for full fleet management, vehicle finance, telematics, or driver behaviour, we’ll tailor a product that suits your business. Pricing is dependent on the products selected for your needs.

Can fleet management help us improve safety for our drivers and passengers?

Yes, fleet management can help improve safety by monitoring driver behavior, tracking vehicle maintenance, and optimizing routes to reduce driver fatigue.

Will fleet management software help us reduce fuel costs and improve fuel efficiency?

Yes, fleet management software can help reduce fuel costs by monitoring fuel consumption, identifying inefficient driving behavior, and optimizing routes to reduce fuel consumption.

How can fleet management help us reduce our environmental impact?

Fleet management can help reduce your organisation's environmental impact by optimising routes, promoting efficient driving habits, identifying opportunities to switch to alternative fuel vehicles or reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet.

How can we get started with fleet management for our not-for-profit organisation?

Our fleet consultants at Fleetcare can help you assess your needs, provide expert advice on vehicle selection and maintenance, and offer solutions for fuel management, driver safety, and cost control. With their assistance, you can optimise your fleet operations, reduce expenses, and focus on your core mission. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or give us a call on 134 333.

Looking for a Fleet Management solution for your business?

Speak to a fleet consultant to find the best solution to meet your needs.