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Technology helps you bypass traffic congestion

28/04/2019 by Mark Schneider in Technology

Next time you’re sitting in your car stuck bumper-to-bumper in the morning’s peak hour rush spare a thought for Bangkok’s motorists, because believe me, they’re doing it even worse than you. Thailand has the dubious distinction of having some of the most congested roads in the world according to both the Global Traffic Scorecard and the TomTom traffic index.

Bangkok’s traffic has to be seen to be believed. It can take longer to drive from one of the city’s airports to the other than the international flight to the other Asian city you’re heading to. On average Bangkok’s residents waste 64 hours of their lives each year stuck in traffic. It’s all a far cry from the situation in that other Asian metropolis, Singapore, where an efficient public transport system of underground rail and buses keeps the roads relatively uncluttered for a dazzling display of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maserati’s, McLarens and Porsches, which seem to be automotive flavour-of-the-month in Singapore. No doubt about it, the city-state is a car enthusiasts’ paradise.

But there’s always someone worse off than yourself, and the good citizens of Bangkok can console themselves with the thought that Los Angeles residents are doing it even tougher, according to the Global Traffic Scorecard. LA holds the thoroughly unwanted gold medal as the world’s most congested major city with its residents spending a whopping 102 hours stuck in congestion.

Australia getting worse

Those sort of numbers are a sombre warning of just where Australia’s cities could be heading if things don’t start turning around, because traffic congestion is getting worse and it’s getting worse fast according to a 2018 report by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA).

The report found that over the five-and-a-half years from January 1, 2013 to 30 June 2018 average driving speeds fell by 3.6% in Sydney, 3.7% in Brisbane, 2.5% in Adelaide and 1.1% in Perth. Melbourne was the stand-out, however, declining by a disturbing 8.1%. Back in 2015 traffic congestion cost the nation a whopping $16.5 billion, according to the report, and that cost keeps climbing year by year.

So, what can be done about it? Well the long-term solution to it is for governments to build better public transport, especially rail, light rail and modern trackless tram systems. But that’s not much help to you right now, is it? Because right now you still need to get your vehicles from A to B as quickly as possible, don’t you?

Telematic solutions

Well one answer is telematics. Fleetdynamics’ advanced technology, for example, provides the sort of real-time connectivity with vehicles and other networks to keep you ahead of the game.

With advances in technology it is now possible to bypass traffic congestion entirely – from receiving real-time traffic updates within on-board navigation devices allowing drivers to seek alternative routes, through to solutions involving real-time telemetry provided by your vehicles; allowing adjustments to be made to job allocation, priority and route taken.

By combining Telematics data with traffic behaviours it has now become possible to analyse the vehicles travel behaviour and modify the destination order to consider peak-hour traffic. Ensuring your vehicles are not delayed by easily identifiable increases in traffic

Beating traffic congestion is just one of the many benefits of Fleetdynamics’ technology. You’ll also get a full range of reports on where your vehicle’s been along with time sheets, FBT, vehicle activity and more all on your Fleetdynamics portal.

It also offers exceptions and alerts to tell you when something unusual happenings, such as afterhours movements, excessive vehicle idling and emergencies. You can also set up a geozone – a virtual fence to let you know whenever a vehicle enters or leaves it.

Telematics really is the future of fleet management, guaranteeing faster, safer, more efficient deliveries along with easier administration. If it’s time your business took that vital step into the future contact Fleetdynamics today on 1300 087 225 to see how we can help your business prosper and grow.

Written by
Mark Schneider

Mark is a successful copywriter with over 20 years of professional writing experience.

We welcome him as a guest blogger to Fleettorque.

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