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Fuelling up during the coronavirus pandemic

23/03/2020 by Kate Walker in Fleetcare news

As the government continues to announce new measures to control the spread of coronavirus, Fleetcare is focused on ensuring a seamless delivery of vital products and services to businesses so they can continue to operate during this challenging time. This update aims to dispel concerns around fuel availability and provide advice in relation to safely fuelling your vehicle to minimise contamination.

"All service stations will continue to operate and interstate border closures will not impact fuel supply"

Fuel, whether used for business or personal use, is considered an essential service to the public and Fleetcare do not foresee any restrictions in supply, security or access to fuel. We are in constant contact with our key fuel suppliers who have confirmed that:

  1. All service stations will continue to operate
  2. Interstate border closures will not impact fuel supply

On a positive note, a recent fall in crude oil prices is starting to show with reduced prices at the pump. The sustained decrease in international crude oil and refined petrol prices is being somewhat countered by the falling Aussie dollar, but it’s likely that we’ll still benefit from cheaper fuel in the medium term.

With increased social distancing measures in place, Australians are understandably concerned about the potential spread of coronavirus during the fueling process. Fleetcare have prepared three key tips to help mitigate any risk of contamination when filling up:

3 tips for safe fuelling during the coronavirus:

  1. Practice hand hygiene at every touchpoint. Fuel suppliers will be increasingly diligent in their hygiene routines, especially sanitising fuel bowsers, counters, restrooms and payment terminals. You should also practice hand hygiene measures, sanitising your hands before and after fuelling and if you use any contact touchpad for the input of odometer readings.
  2. Reduce touch points where possible. Paying with cash increases the risk of contamination. Fleetcare advises that you should avoid paying with cash wherever possible. Instead, consider utilising touchless swipe or ‘tap to pay’ technology with fuel cards, bank cards or smartphone or watch.
  3. Utilise payment apps to reduce contact. Payment apps like BP Plus are a great tool for allowing you to pay for your fuel from the comfort and distance of your vehicle. You can easily connect your Fleetcare BP Plus fuel card to the BP Plus* app and this allows you to complete your transaction prior to filling up and eliminates your need to enter the store to pay. *Please note that use of BP Plus is subject to approval of the account contact.
fleetcares three tips for safe fueling during the coronavirus

If you’re looking for ways to reduce costs and mitigate risk for your fleet during this time, Fleetcare would be happy to discuss your options on 134 333.

For running updates on Coronavirus fleet news please visit our dedicated Coronavirus Fleetcare page.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This content is current as at 23 March 2020 and provided for information purposes only. The information may not be suitable or appropriate for your organisation’s operations and needs. As such, please undertake your own independent assessment(s) and take into consideration any specific government laws and guidance. Response and advice regarding Coronavirus is changing rapidly and it is important that you keep up to date with all relevant information issued by the Australian Government.


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