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Freight haulage is up on Australia’s roads, cutting costs is vital

Australians love their cars. Just how much was revealed by the release of the annual Survey of Motor Vehicle Use conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The figures for 2018 were released by the statistical boffins of the ABS early in 2019. They reveal that Australia’s 25 million people collectively owned some 19 million vehicles. So, does that mean that virtually everyone old enough to drive has a car? Well no.

Of those 19 million vehicles 75% are passenger vehicles, 19.9% freight vehicles and the remaining 5.1% buses, motorbikes and non-freight carrying trucks. On average our passenger vehicles are each covering 12,600 kilometres per year.

Those freight vehicles are moving an increasing amount of stuff to our growing population, with semi-trailers carrying the bulk of the 214,789 million tonne-kilometres across the country’s road network in 2017-18.

The 2017-18 figure represents a 5% increase in tonne–kilometres (one tonne moved on road over one kilometre) since 2016,” said Director of ABS Transport Statistics, Lauren Binn.

Semis carry the load

Articulated trucks carried the bulk of Australian road freight, transporting 165,336 million tonne-kilometres, 77% of the total road freight task. This is despite articulated trucks comprising less than 1% of all vehicles on Australian roads.” Ms Binns said.

With Australia’s freight vehicles hauling more goods on Australia’s roads each year the importance of minimising the cost of running those vehicles has never been more crucial. In recent years state-of the-art technology has really come to the fore when it comes to reducing costs, providing the vital real-time information that’s essential for vehicle management.

Cost control

Such technology is an essential part of Fleetcare’s Fleet Management, which takes care of every aspect of running your fleet, from fuel and maintenance to driver behaviour monitoring, all while minimising your costs over your fleet’s entire lifecycle. Fleetcare Fleet Management offers an integrated package of fleet solutions that starts with flexible finance and leasing options to ensure you’re making the optimal purchasing decision. From there, advanced telematics will give you the nitty-gritty real-time data you need to manage your fleet effectively out on the road. Out Fleetmanager BI tool gives your business the strategic business intelligence it needs to control costs and increase efficiency.

You’ll find all the key data your business needs in a single snapshot right there at your fingertips on the Fleetmanager portal. And when you need more detail, you can drill-down to the data you need to find exceptions, expenditure and data on each of your vehicles.

Knowledge is power, as Sir Francis Bacon wisely proclaimed way back in 1597. Fleetcare Fleet Management is guaranteed to give you all the knowledge you’ll ever need to power your way to greater business success into the future.

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Mark Schneider

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