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An Operating Lease can lighten your administrative load

The challenges confronting businesses and the CFOs who help manage them in uncertain economic times are as great as they ever were. Improving the bottom line while simplifying operations and accounting procedures are all vital to moving businesses forward and keeping your shareholders happy, but that's always easier said than done.

One of the biggest expenses in most businesses is running a vehicle fleet, with the "double whammy" of tying up vital capital at the same time as it ties up human resources to manage it. So, with that in mind, it's not surprising that many CFOs are turning to operating leases for their business's fleet vehicles as the perfect way to cut costs and keep the vehicle fleet up-to-date.

Just like renting

Perhaps the best way to think of an operating lease is to think of it as a long-term car rental. You simply lease the vehicle from the lessee for a fixed time from one-to-five years and a set number of kilometres in return for a fixed rental. Then at the end of that period you simply hand the vehicle back and as long as it's in fair condition, there are no extra costs. That frees you up from all the hassles about residual value. As the owner of the vehicle, it's the lessee that takes that risk, not your business.

Administratively it couldn't get any easier for you. There's just one fixed monthly payment and it's tax-deductible. That makes budgeting easier and frees up your time for more productive things. How does that compare to the hassle of managing all those vehicles in your fleet in-house?

Choose your vehicle

Choice is the word when it comes to Operating Leases. You get to choose the vehicle that perfectly suits your business needs as well as the term of the lease and the number of kilometres you expect that vehicle to travel. An Operating Lease is also the perfect way to keep up-to-date with the latest vehicles so you can keep your drivers safe with all the latest safety features.

For all these reasons, an Operating Lease is a great solution for any business.

Keeping it simple

When you take out an Operating Lease with Fleetcare you'll get all those vehicle expenses like registration, tyres, maintenance and insurance included in the one monthly invoice. That's bound to simplify your accounting while making budgeting easier.

Because Fleetcare is independent of vehicle makers, dealers and finance companies, we're entirely focused on your business's needs, committed to providing you with the Operating Lease that suits your business' needs while lightening your administrative load.

Need to know more? Call Fleetcare today on 134 333 for a chat about an Operating Lease to make your business life a little easier.

Written by
Mark Schneider

Mark is a successful copywriter with over 20 years of professional writing experience.

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