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Hyundai offering lean-green choices for fleet buyers

Hyundai offering lean-green choices for fleet buyers

Budget-conscious fleet owners with an eye to their business’s green credential have an increasingly tempting range of new vehicles to choose from as we head into 2019. Hyundai, for one, is now moving into the market for green vehicles by offering new models with unconventional power trains offering excellent economy, reduced emissions and lively performance.

Hyundai Ioniq

At one stage Toyota well had the market for hybrid vehicles all to itself, but today that’s all changed with the introduction to the Australian market of Hyundai’s Ioniq. The Ioniq, is not so much one car, however, as three, offering a choice of hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and an all-electric version. It’s essentially the same car with a choice of power trains. At $33,990 for the base model Ioniq Elite Hybrid it undercuts the Toyota Prius yet comes well equipped with a list of standard features. It’s also outstandingly economical with a claimed combined cycle of 3.4L/100km. For $40,990 you can have the Elite Plug-in Hybrid which will theoretically get you 63km down the road on electric power only, though that very much depends on how you drive it. It’s undoubtedly a tempting choice for city-based fleet owners that offers large fuel savings. The all-electric Ioniq is $44,990. While that’s not exactly cheap for a small car it’s nevertheless the cheapest electric car currently on the market, undercutting the Renault Zoe by $2500. It offers a “real world” range of somewhere between 230–280km, depending on how you test it, which should be enough for many city fleet buyers. The Ioniq’s green credentials don’t just end with reduced fuel consumption and emissions. All three versions use recycled plastics, sugarcane by-products and even powdered wood (that’s sawdust by any other name) in parts of its interior.

Kona Electric

But the Ioniq isn’t the only green alternative being offered by Hyundai. There’s also the fully electric version of its small SUV, the Kona. It comes with an anxiety-crushing range of 449km on a single charge and is an appealing package with extensive safety features, leather upholstery and an infotainment package with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Like many electric cars it’s no slouch, either, with instant torque that will take it from 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds. That might not be quite up to Tesla’s performance levels, true, but at just a touch under $60,000 plus on-road-costs it’s a lot more affordable than a Tesla Model S, and unlike the Tesla, it’s right here now. Granted, that price tag is still not exactly cheap – it’s quite a mark-up on its conventionally powered Kona stablemates. But its running costs promise to be extremely low and if you have solar panels on the roof then the “fuel” is free. With potentially zero-emissions it also provides an instant credibility boost for any business keen to promote its sustainable credentials. All three of the Ioniqs and the Kona electric offer some very practical choices for cost and image-conscious fleet buyers looking for options.

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