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Volvo XC90 Momentum T6 2.0L Petrol 8-Speed Auto AWD

Today I hand back the Volvo XC90 after a month of being together. Now when I first heard that I was getting a Volvo for evaluation I did wonder what I had done wrong, never been a Volvo fan before, but I am now!

I just came out of my Audi Q7 and this is everything as good if not better. The powerplant is the T6 2.0L Petrol, what it lacks in finesse it makes up in versatility, the power is predicably smooth thanks to the 8-Speed Auto, you could say a sedate drive, pop her into “performance mode” and she becomes a temptress with attitude. Being All Wheel Drive, she is solid footed and takes the punishment of a hard drive while delivering comfort when pootling about.

The interior is modern luxury, the seats have plenty of adjustments for small and large frames including the ability to draw in the side squab, so you feel nice and secure. Plenty of room all round and the second row has exceptional room, the third row is the best I have seen and even the kids didn’t complain.

The command centre has Apple Play as well as built in apps and is easy to use once you get the hang of it. I was still finding new features as I was resultantly giving her back. The Harman Kardon Premium Sound System pumping 600 watts through 14 speakers will keep any teenager happy.

What really impressed me and believe me after being in the car game my whole life I’m not easily impressed, is the active safety driving features. I’m over having to add multiple packs to a luxury car to get these and Volvo has them all in there, Active Cruise Control, Distance Alert, On Coming Lane Mitigation, Lane Keeping, 360o Cameras, Driver Alert Control, Road Sign Information, Run-off Road Protection, and my favourite, Pilot Assist. It also has Prepared Front Seat Belts, never knew about this until I was almost rear ended and the seat belt snapped me into the seat ready for impact, luckily no collision but I can see the benefit if I had been hit especially with the whiplash injury protection system. This car has a host more safety features which you would expect from Volvo.

Speaking of packs, Volvo has sensibly kept it to three, as I said previous safety is standard:

Comfort Pack

  • Heated Rear Seat
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Ambient Interior Lighting

Lifestyle Pack

  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Tinted Rear Windows
  • Premium Sound System - Harman Kardon

Versatility Pack

  • Grocery Bag Holder
  • Power Folding Headrest Rear
  • Compass
  • Power Outlet in Tunnel Console 230V
  • Air Suspension with Four-C Active Chassis (this is a nice touch, drops the car down for unloading)

The Swedes have pulled off a beauty here, if you are in the market for a seven-seater SUV then you have to take a look at the XC90. She looks good, drives well, has everything you could ask for, plus she is packed with safety for your most precious cargo, your family.

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