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New cars heading our way in 2022

As a difficult year starts receding into history, most of us are looking forward to better times. We may not be at the end of the pandemic yet, but at least we’re at the beginning of the end, with life starting to return to normal as lockdowns and restrictions are lifted.

With all the uncertainties of life in the past couple of years, new cars have probably been the last thing on most of our minds as we adapt to the challenges of working from home and “staying put” to tame the pandemic.

But the new year and the promise of all those restrictions disappearing will have many minds turning to the lure of the open road in a brand-new car. Well, the good news is there are some exciting new models coming our way in 2022. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Ford Ranger

Fans of Ford’s popular ute, the Ranger, have something to look forward to with the release of the 2022 model, which Ford says is “the perfect vehicle for work, family and play.”

While not a completely new model, it will offer bigger touchscreens and a new user interface. The familiar 2.0 litre twin turbo diesel engine will be joined by a new 130kW/420Nm single-turbo engine and two V6 engines, a 3.0-litre single-turbo diesel generating 185kW/600Nm, and a 2.7-litre twin-turbo petrol producing around 230kW/540Nm.

There’s even the possibility of a plug-in hybrid down the track as one has been seen in European testing.

The release date of the new Ranger is uncertain at this stage, but things should become a little more certain before the end of this year.

Kia EV6

There’s now a steady stream of electric vehicles heading our way and one of the most interesting is the Kia EV6.

It’s the stablemate of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, and both have been designed from the tyres up as fully electric vehicles. A range of over 500km on a single charge should allay any range anxiety.

Overseas, it’s being offered in rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants, though what we’ll be offered here is unclear at this stage.

But if you’re after the GT model with its 430kW/740Nm dual-motor powertrain that propels it from 0-100km/h in a mere 3.5 seconds, then you’ll have to wait a while, possibly as late as 2023.

Prices are unclear at the moment, but you can probably expect to pay around $70,000 for the sensible (but still pretty damn quick) versions of the Kia EV6.

Subaru WRX

Speaking of fast, Subaru fans have something to look forward to.

A new Subaru WRX is heading our way next year promising a 2.4 litre turbocharged engine putting out 202k and 350Nm with a stiffer chassis and an improved auto gearbox.

It’s scheduled for the first half of 2022 but with the current global logistical difficulties and semiconductor shortages there could be some delays with the new WRX, and every other new car for that matter.

The new Subaru is bigger than its predecessor with an upgraded interior as well.

Cupra Leon and Formentor

“The what?” I hear you say. You may not have heard of Cupra, but you’ve certainly heard of its parent. Think of it as the Spanish performance arm of the VW group, or of Seat, to be precise.

The Leon is a hot hatch offering both a turbocharged 2.0 petrol engine or a 1.4 litre plug-in hybrid. It offers a deluxe interior treatment and is getting some very positive reviews.

The Formentor is Cupra’s small SUV and comes with a choice of four powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid with a 55km range on electric only. Each is equipped with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

There’s more

That’s just a handful of the many new models and upgrades heading to Australia next year, including China’s all-electric Byd vehicles, a range of new Mercedes, Nissans, VWs and even Porsches and Maseratis, to name just a few.

There’s a dazzling array of new vehicles available alright, but no matter what vehicle you’re interested in, whether it’s for yourself or for your business it makes sense to talk to the experts at Fleetcare on 134 333 for the perfect finance and leasing solution for you or your business.

Written by
Mark Schneider

Mark is a successful copywriter with over 20 years of professional writing experience.

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