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looking to offer my employees the opportunity to salary sacrifice their vehicle through a novated lease.

What is a novated lease?

A novated lease is a great incentive for your employees, allowing them to salary sacrifice a new or used vehicle and its running costs into a simple payment from their pre-tax salary.
In today's competitive recruitment environment, businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity to attract and retain good talent. Offering novated leasing boosts your employees' disposable income, while reducing the tax you both pay. It is simple to set up, easy to manage, and comes with no financial risk to your business.

We'll take care of it

No overheads
No administration headaches
No management fees
No employee queries
No adjusting your payroll cycle
No distractions from your day job

How does a novated lease work?

Once your employees have chosen their vehicle, we use our purchasing power to negotiate the best possible price and arrange a competitive finance deal on their behalf.
We then work out the running costs (including fuel, maintenance and insurance) and contact you to set up a regular salary deduction. We have a team of in-house experts who deal with any employee queries and you don’t have to make any system changes because we fit in with your existing payroll cycle. Plus, we appoint a dedicated account manager to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Established in 1989

As one of Australia’s only 100% Australian owned and operated Fleet Management Organisations, Fleetcare deliver exceptional service to our customers without distraction or direction from foreign ownership.

Our independence, combined with our proudly Australian heritage, allows us to focus solely on our customers, delivering strategic solutions that support Australian business, regardless of size or location.


Helpful and accommodating

"Fleetcare are very helpful whenever I need anything and very accommodating to extra information sessions. It’s been a pleasure thus far to work with Fleetcare and I see a long relationship between our two companies."
Michelle, Netcomm Wireless

We're driven by...

We're driven to provide a proactive and personalised service.

We partner with our customers strategically, anticipating their needs and providing unparalleled levels of service, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to assisting them reach their business goals every day.

We're driven to offer unique fleet management and leasing solutions.

Fleetcare is Australia’s most successful independent fleet management and leasing solutions business. Our business is all about people, our customers and our staff. We pride ourselves on our ability to think creatively and provide leadership, and we care enough to solve problems.

We're driven by innovation that creates integrated customer experiences.

Our world is changing fast and we are agile. We are technologically advanced and constantly innovating, always offering our customers the latest in interactive digital tools, real-time experiences and data capture.

We're driven by building robust processes and continuous improvement.

Fleetcare is committed to delivering quality products and services to our clients and proudly complies with:

  • ISO9001 Quality Management
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO45001 Health and Safety standards

SAI Global audit our ISO commitment on an annual basis. 

We’re driven by building robust processes and continuous improvement together with our Lean 6 Sigma principles. Fleetcare has been Quality assured since 1994. We’re invested in helping to reduce environmental impacts, reduce waste and be more sustainable and we value our employee’s in the workplace by reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Our Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety policies are available on request by emailing

Think a novated lease is right for your employees?

We will gladly tailor a solution to meet your requirements.
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