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Tips for selecting the right tyres

10/09/2017 by Jess Wallace in Safety

The only things which connect your car to the road are your tyres, so needless to say they are a critical factor of safety and ride quality. When choosing tyres it can be easy to get bogged down in technical terminology or be overwhelmed by the many brands and varieties available. This article takes a look at important factors to consider when selecting tyres to ensure you make the right selection for your vehicle.

Driving conditions

Driving conditions can determine which tread pattern and tyre is most suited to your vehicle. Different tread patterns are made for different road types. By being able to define the conditions your vehicle will be driving in, your tyre retailer will be able to provide you with the correct tyre.

Tyres currently on vehicle

Ideally, if the tyre is suited to the condition the vehicle is operated in you should aim to stick with the same tyre. This eliminates any change in the driving noise from different tread patterns. Driving noise simply means the noise your tyre makes when it is rolling along the ground. Different tyre treads will make different driving noises. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the tyre is of lesser quality, it just simply means the tyre tread is making a different noise on the ground.


Price is often a big factor when purchasing a new tyre. Too often people prefer to aim for the cheaper options without being educated about the different factors which come into play with tyre quality. When changing brand based on price we suggest you ask your tyre retailer for different options based on a price preference. We also suggest asking them to explain the benefits between the different prices, as a tyre which may cost slightly more may last a lot longer and be better suited.

Load and speed rating to meet ADR specification (Australian Design Rules)

This is a legal requirement to keep the vehicle roadworthy. Every trusted tyre retailer will ensure that all the tyre’s they sell will either meet or exceed the ADR specification. The load and speed rating can be found on the tyre placard which is located on the inner section of the driver’s door. Different makes and models will have different load and speed ratings. It is the tyre retailer’s duty of care to ensure that all tyres have the correct load and speed rating depending on your vehicle model/make and that they meet ADR specifications.

Close at hand suppliers

It is best practice to know where your nearest tyre retailer is before you need them. This will help reduce the need of having to travel far on tyres which are over worn.

If you think it’s about time to replace your old tyre’s you can use our handy Fleetcare finder service to find your nearest trusted tyre retailer. When selecting new tyre’s for your vehicle, we suggest conducting your own research and educating yourself about different tyres before visiting your nearest tyre retailer. Make sure you ask questions based on your driving conditions and price to ensure that you will receive the best quality tyre for your vehicle. Consider all options before purchasing to ensure you’ll get a whole lot more out of your tyres.

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