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Fleetcare Telematics Makes Fringe Benefits Tax Less Taxing

25/09/2018 by Mark Schneider in Telematics

Sipping cocktails on a tropical island; front row seats for the Rolling Stones; watching your team win the Grand Final at the MCG; filling in vehicle log books. One of these things is not like the others.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re filling in the details or recording them later, old-fashioned vehicle log books are just tedious, time-consuming and, well, taxing, aren’t they? And do you know what? Because they’re very hit-and-miss, old-fashioned log books are costing your business money as well.

Throw those logbooks away

Thankfully today you can throw away those logbooks and put your pens down because Fleetcare Telematics is here to save your employees from the tedium while saving your business a load of money in the form of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

Right around Australia businesses just like yours are discovering that Fleetcare Telematics is the modern, hassle-free way to keep the tax man happy with ATO-compliant FBT reporting that minimises those FBT payments at the same time. It does that by tracking personal and business use of vehicles automatically and with meticulous accuracy.

The key to Fleetcare Telematics greater accuracy and ease-of-use, is that users can pre-set frequently visited locations for either personal or business use, or use sets of rules to define when the vehicle’s being used privately.

Parking FBT made easy

That accuracy also comes into its own when it comes to reducing the benefit paid for using car parks because it can distinguish unavailable days based upon GPS coordinates. So in other words, you’re not paying out fringe benefits tax when your employees aren’t actually receiving a benefit from parking. That’s so much more accurate than the rough and not-so-ready calculation of assuming they’re receiving a benefit 228 times a year. Fleetcare Telematics is so precise you may even be able to claw back a refund for previous FBT returns if you’ve got historical data to support your claim.

All that data is instantly recorded on Fleetcare Telematics’ easy-to-use tracking portal right there on your computer monitor. Each month you’ll get an easy to read monthly report arriving in your inbox freeing up your time for more important things. The system can even identify your drivers through Fleetcare Telematics’ pool booking system or in-vehicle accessories such as driver ID tag readers.


It makes life easy for your staff members too, with automatic log book entries that are fully ATO compliant. There’s no need to continually note down the purpose of their trip because the system learns that from locations that have already been identified.

If it’s time you threw away those time-wasting hit-and-miss log books, eased your administrative load and switched to the money-saving benefits of Fleetcare Telematics, then call Fleetcare today on 134 333.

Written by
Mark Schneider

Mark is a successful copywriter with over 20 years of professional writing experience.

We welcome him as a guest blogger to Fleettorque.

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