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Four fuel card features you've never heard of

23/05/2017 by Mark Schneider in Fuel Cards

You probably already know about the many benefits of vehicle fuel cards such as cutting administration costs, discounted fuel, reducing fraud and improving transparency, but there are a range of other benefits, too, that you may not be aware of.

In fact by combining your Fleetcare fuel card reports with the exception reports available from Fleetcare, you'll have a powerful business tool to reduce your fleet running costs in four important ways:

1. Fuel overfills

Fuel cards give you an extremely precise record of just how much fuel goes into each of your vehicles every time one of your employees fills up at the pump. So it's easy to detect when your vehicle is being filled beyond its tank capacity. Exception reports can even put that information at your fingertips in real time.

That's vital information that will give you evidence that someone maybe getting a little extra in a jerry can for their lawnmower, or perhaps even filling another vehicle on your fuel card. But it can also tell you when other vehicles in your fleet with larger fuel tanks may be filled using that fuel card.

But of course there are other explanations for overfilling, too. Perhaps the vehicle has been fitted with a long-range fuel tank or ancillary equipment is being fueled. All of these can be catered for in our Fleetmanager system.

Whatever the reason for overfilling, your fuel card exception reports gives you the power to identify the problem and correct it.

2. Premium fuels

Your Fleetcare fuel card also identifies the type of fuel being used by your drivers and makes it available to you through real time reporting. That can tell you when they're using more expensive premium fuel in a vehicle that doesn't need it. If you run a large fleet, using more expensive fuel than necessary it can significantly increase your running costs.

Whether your drivers are simply unaware that their vehicle doesn't need premium fuel, or whether the only fuel available at the time was premium, your fuel card will alert you to the problem so that you can point it out and fix it next time. We recommend you restrict cards to the correct fuel type.

3. Frequent refill alerts

Exception reports combined with your fuel card will let you know when your vehicles are being refueled more than once a day, how much fuel was used when refueling, and how much was used before the vehicle was refilled.

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When your drivers fill up only when necessary you'll save money on transaction fees. Exception reports will identify which drivers are filling up too frequently, allowing you to correct their behavior. Don’t forget that a driver at a service station is not being productive.

4. Idle vehicle alerts

Your Fleetcare fuel card combined with exception reports can also identify vehicles that haven't been fueled-up in the previous month using the fuel card.

Perhaps the vehicle may not have been used much that month. Or it may have been re-fueled using another fuel card or perhaps a credit card, or even filled with an on-site bowser or fuel storage tank.

Whatever the reason, exception reports and your fuel card give you the power to pinpoint potential problems and solve them.

Whichever way you look at it a Fleetcare fuel card is just good business sense. To access the full range of money saving benefits available when you combine your fuel card with the exception reports available on specific Fleetcare plans, contact Fleetcare today on 134 333.

Written by
Mark Schneider

Mark is a successful copywriter with over 20 years of professional writing experience.

We welcome him as a guest blogger to Fleettorque.

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