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Fleetcare to switch Caltex StarCards to AmpolCards

28/01/2021 by Lania Mason in Fleetcare news

In December 2019, Caltex announced that it will transition to the Ampol brand over the next three years.

As Caltex continues to move to Ampol stores across Australia, it is important to note that during the transition, Caltex StarCards will be accepted across the entire network of Caltex and Ampol locations through to 2022.

Fleetcare will work with Ampol Australia to transition customers from Caltex StarCard branded fuel cards over to AmpolCards. Customers can continue to access new premium fuel ranges using both Caltex StarCard and AmpolCard.

To find your nearest Caltex and/or Ampol service station, visit Fleetcare Finder.

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