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Dropping the revs with Garth Tander

27/08/2020 by Garth Tander in Fleetcare news

Living in Victoria in the year 2020 has been challenging as we continue our fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. As myself and other Melbournians follow lockdown laws across the state, I can’t help but appreciate the new found time I have to spend with my family, and reflect on life pre-COVID as well as what I look forward to once we’re all on the other side of this.

Impact on Motorsport Industry

COVID-19 was felt in the sport industry with matches cancelled or postponed, disrupting organisers, teams and athletes. Motorsport was no different.

However, Motorsport was one of the few sports that was able to put together a package where its usual drivers were able to race against each other in a virtual world. eSports racing was growing steadily before Coronavirus and now we’ve seen its popularity skyrocket.

Delivering a top-quality television broadcast has kept motorsport fans entertained, and as a driver, it has kept my brain ‘racing fit’. eSports racing makes me think about driving in real-time, making the same split decisions I would normally make in the race car. I think there is a place for eSports, but for me, it will never fully replicate the real thing!

Staying home and staying safe

One thing that this pandemic has forced me to do, is to slow down. I’ve had the opportunity to be more involved with home life, including being part of my childrens learning through homeschooling.

I can confirm that the schooling thing was a challenge for all of us and I have a newfound respect for teachers. Finding a routine that worked for our family was hair pulling stuff but we stuck at it and things have been smooth sailing (most of the time). It has been truly rewarding being able to share quality time together.

Being confined to the four walls of your home for most of the day, can be tough on your mental health. It can be easy to let the COVID situation get on top of you and think we will never see the end of it. To keep positive and pass the time, I’ve been pottering around the house and completing the jobs that have been on the ‘To do’ list for a while. I’m actually in the middle of building a firepit.

Pre-COVID, I would have gone to Bunnings and just bought a firepit, but with a little more time on my hands, I’ve decided to try and expand my skill set.

Life after lockdown

At the end of this lockdown period, I don’t expect that Victorian residents will be allowed to travel to other states. With that in mind, the family and I are looking forward to exploring what Victoria has to offer and we’re hopeful that we can get to somewhere along the coast.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and we’ll be coming out of it soon. Lockdowns are hard, but if we can reduce the spread, it will have all been worth it.

Stay safe everyone.


close up of Garth tander in vehicle with fleetcare logo on the helmet
Written by
Garth Tander

Garth is a successful Australian motor racing driver competing in the Supercars Championship. A 3-time Bathurst 1000 winner and Supercar Champion, Garth has stood on the podium many times in his stellar career.

His relationship with Fleetcare span's over 20 years, and we welcome him as a guest blogger to Fleettorque.

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