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Finance & Leasing

Flexible financing options for your fleet.
With a range of financing options and the expertise to help you make the best purchasing decisions for your fleet, you can trust your fleet finance to Fleetcare.
Want to reduce your residual risk and bundle your running costs? An operating lease is a great solution. Need to free up capital? Ask about our sale and leaseback service. Prefer to own your vehicles? A secured loan or hire purchase might suit. No matter how you currently finance your vehicles, our fleet financing experts can offer advice and solutions to help you meet your finance goals.

Benefits of financing with Fleetcare

Fleet costs are flattened over the life of each vehicle through monthly billing.
Financing your fleet means your cash is more easily accessible and can be spent where it's needed most.
Fleetcare will negotiate the best vehicle price, source competitive finance rates and bundle maintenance.
Our Fleet Finance Consultants arrange applications, approvals, and funding - no need to leave the office.
Fleetcare combines all of your fleet expenses into one monthly invoice.
Our superior purchase power means we can get you discounted rates when updating or adding to your fleet.

Fleet finance options

No matter how you currently finance your vehicles, our fleet financing experts can offer advice and solutions to help you meet your finance goals. We can even offer a sale and leaseback service to help free up capital and keep your business running efficiently.
Operating Lease
Lease a fully maintained vehicle with no residual risk.

An operating lease is an easy and cost effective way of financing your company’s vehicles. It’s a fully integrated, tax deductible leasing option that’s like a long-term vehicle rental.

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Other options

Finance Lease
A non-maintained lease option with the option to own it later.

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Hire Purchase
Hire a vehicle from us and own it after the final payment.

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Secured Loan
Own it now and pay it off.

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Finance & Leasing FAQs

What types of finance leases are there?

Fleetcare offer a full range of flexible financing options including an operating lease, finance lease, hire purchase, and secured loan. Our expert team can help you make the best purchasing decisions for your next vehicle purchase.

How do I know which type of lease or financing option is right for me?

Fleetcare Operation Lease – Perfect if your business wants current vehicle models and will be continually upgrading, or your business doesn’t want to take on the residual value risk on the asset.
Fleetcare Finance Lease – Perfect if you want the flexibility of leasing and the opportunity to acquire the vehicle at the end of the lease.
Fleetcare Hire Purchase – Perfect if you want to own the vehicle at the end of the term, or if you’re unsure when the vehicle will be replaced.
Fleetcare Secured Loan – Perfect if your business accounts on a cash basis (turnover less than $1m) as it allows funding of GST upfront and permits a full GST claim in the first BAS cycle.

Still not sure on what finance option is right for you? Our team of expertise are here to help. Simply complete a form on the Fleetcare website, call 134 333 or email

What is an operating lease?

A Fleetcare Operating Lease is a fully integrated tax deductible leasing option that’s like a long-term vehicle rental – you carry no residual risk and most of the vehicle running costs can be combined with the leasing costs into one standard monthly payment.

What is a finance lease?

A Fleetcare Finance Lease is a non-maintained lease option that comes with the potential opportunity to own the vehicle later. The financier legally owns the vehicle and you lease it for an agreed term.

What is a hire purchase?

A Fleetcare Hire Purchase requires an initial deposit, and you pay monthly instalments and own the vehicle after the final payment.

What is a secured loan?

With a Fleetcare Secured Loan agreement (a Chattel Mortgage) you take immediate ownership of the vehicle, as it is considered a cash sale.

What is the difference between a finance lease and an operating lease?

At the end of a finance lease agreement, you’ll have the opportunity to take ownership of the vehicle. At the end of an operating lease agreement, the vehicle is returned to the lessor allowing you to upgrade your vehicle to the latest model.

What is a sale & leaseback arrangement?

A sale & leaseback allows you to sell your current fleet to Fleetcare and lease them back through an operating or finance lease arrangement. This is a great way to free up capital to focus on other areas of your business, while also improving your cashflow with one simple monthly payment that covers all vehicle expenses.

Looking for a Finance & Leasing solution for your business?

Speak to a fleet finance consultant to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Disclaimer: This advice is general in nature and based on present taxation laws and may be subject to change. We recommend you seek your own independent financial advice.