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Declaration and Privacy Protection of Information - Consent

Authority and consent for Fleetcare Pty Ltd (ABN 34 009 243 627, ACN 009 243 627) and its related companies (Fleetcare) to collect, hold, use and disclose personal information about me in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (including the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code (“CR Code”)), the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 and the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.

I authorise and consent to Fleetcare collecting personal information about me to enable it to assess my personal and/or commercial credit worthiness; process my application and, if it is approved, to provide me with the product or service for which I am applying. I understand that without this information Fleetcare may not be able to consider or approve my application.

I acknowledge that Fleetcare may collect, hold, use and disclose personal information about me to:

  • Assess my application and provide products and related services,
  • Communicate with me in relation to products and all transactions relating to products,
  • Monitor, audit, evaluate and otherwise administer products and related services
  • Provide related facilities and services (which may include services relating to motor vehicle fleet management),
  • Offer products of a similar type which I expect may be of interest to me,
  • Keep and maintain a register of the products and all persons who provide credit support in relation to the products,
  • Provide information about Fleetcare products and services,
  • Provide to other Fleetcare entities, agents, contractors or other third-party service providers who provide services in connection with Fleetcare products and related services,
  • Provide information to Fleetcare’s agents and brokers for the purposes of the calculation of commissions and other remuneration if any; and provide information to banks, financiers and credit agencies for the purposes of providing Fleetcare’s products and services to me.

Authority and consent for Fleetcare to obtain and use credit reporting information:

I authorise and consent to Fleetcare, and its agents obtaining and using credit reporting information about me (including from credit reporting bodies (hereon in referred to as “CRB’s”)) to:

  • Assess any application by me for consumer credit or commercial credit,
  • Manage my credit arrangements approved by Fleetcare,
  • Review my credit on a periodic basis as though assessing a new application,
  • Collect overdue payment information,
  • Create an assessment of my credit worthiness.

Authority and consent to exchange credit reporting information

I authorise and consent to Fleetcare, or its agents exchanging credit reporting or credit information about me with a CRB, or any other business that provides credit information and further consent to each such entity creating or maintaining credit reporting information about me.

Furthermore, I authorise and consent to Fleetcare exchanging personal information about me to any person who introduces me to Fleetcare and/or a guarantor or intending guarantor of the proposed facility (including credit eligibility information and information about any facility to be guaranteed or refinanced).

The types of information about me that Fleetcare may collect and disclose include:

  • Identification details permitted under the Privacy Act,
  • The fact that I have applied for credit and the type and amount of credit,
  • The fact that Fleetcare are a credit provider to me,
  • Credit limit and finance start and end dates,
  • Repayment history and default information,
  • Financial hardship information,
  • Any other credit information that can be collected, held, used or disclosed under the Privacy Act.

The CRBs that Fleetcare may use or disclose personal information about me include:

Equifax Pty Ltd
GPO Box 964 North Sydney NSW 2059
Phone: 13 83 32

Illion Australia Pty Ltd
Phone: 13 23 33

I acknowledge that:

  • a CRB may include information in reports provided to credit providers to assist them to assess my consumer credit worthiness,
  • I may obtain Fleetcare’s policy about their management of credit reporting information from their website,
  • I have the right to access credit eligibility information from Fleetcare, to request Fleetcare to correct the information if it is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, and to make a complaint to Fleetcare about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act or the CR Code,
  • I have the right to request a CRB not to use my credit reporting information for the purposes of pre-screening of direct marketing by a credit provider, and
  • I have the right to request a CRB not to use or disclose credit reporting information about me if I believe on reasonable grounds that I have been, or am likely to be, a victim of fraud.

If Fleetcare holds credit eligibility information about me, I acknowledge that Fleetcare may use such information for (among other things) a commercial credit related purpose, where obtained for that purpose. I authorise and consent to Fleetcare disclosing such information to its agents and to other credit providers for a particular purpose (including for securitisation arrangements and giving opinions for purposes connected with my business trade or profession).

Credit providers

As part of Fleetcare providing its services, it may undertake tasks for a credit provider which are reasonably necessary in processing my application or in managing credit provided by the credit provider. When doing so, Fleetcare are acting as agent for the credit provider (“Credit Provider”), with the same privacy law requirements applying to both the Credit Provider and Fleetcare. References in this document to Fleetcare also include references to the Credit Provider, if applicable.

A Credit Provider to whom Fleetcare submits an application may disclose personal information about me to, and collect personal information about me from one or more CRBs.

I authorise and consent to, as appropriate:

  • Fleetcare providing my personal information, including my credit eligibility information, to one or more Credit Providers so they can assess my application; and
  • a CRB disclosing my personal information to one or more Credit Providers for the purpose of assessing my application.

Types of entities Fleetcare discloses personal information

The types of entities to which Fleetcare usually discloses personal information include:

  • Fleetcare’s funders,
  • my referee(s),
  • any contractor or service provider Fleetcare engages to provide or assist its functions and activities connected with my relationship with Fleetcare (including, if applicable, vehicle suppliers and fuel companies),
  • regulatory bodies, government agencies, law enforcement bodies or courts,
  • other parties Fleetcare are authorised or required by law or a court/tribunal order to disclose information to (and other persons where I have consented to the disclosure),
  • any credit provider for any purpose I have agreed to,
  • mortgage insurers,
  • my authorised agent, administrator, accountant, broker or legal representative,
  • any other third party assisting in the processing of my application and the management of my credit, and
  • an organisation, that is in an arrangement or alliance with Fleetcare for the purpose of promoting or using their respective products or services (and any agents used by that organisation in administering such an arrangement or alliance).

Fleetcare are not likely to disclose information to overseas recipients.

Providing Fleetcare with personal information about other persons

I acknowledge that if I give Fleetcare personal information about another person that I have their consent to disclose that information and undertake to show them a copy of this document so that they may understand the manner in which their personal information may be used or disclosed by Fleetcare in connection with my dealings with Fleetcare.

Promotion of other products or services

If this application is approved, then unless I inform Fleetcare otherwise, I acknowledge that:

  • Fleetcare may use my personal information to help promote its products or services or those of its related companies and alliance partners,
  • Fleetcare may also disclose my personal information to its related companies or alliance partners in connection with that purpose, and to enable those related companies or alliance partners to decide if they want Fleetcare to tell me about a product or service,
  • where these parties have agreed to only use the information for this purpose and where they have agreed to keep the information confidential and return it to Fleetcare (or destroy it) as soon as it has been used for this purpose.

I acknowledge that I may opt out at any time from direct marketing communications.

Collection of sensitive information

I acknowledge that the collection of sensitive information is restricted by the Privacy Act and Fleetcare will not collect sensitive information (as defined by the Privacy Act) unless this is reasonably necessary to provide my product or service and I have consented to that collection.

Accessing personal information held by Fleetcare

I acknowledge that I may contact Fleetcare by phone on 134 333 or in writing to The Privacy Officer, Fleetcare, GPO Box 9997, in my capital city to request access to my personal information etc. Access will be granted in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 for a reasonable fee. If any of my information is inaccurate, I may request that it be corrected.

Fleetcare’s privacy policies

I acknowledge that Fleetcare’s privacy policy for the management of credit information and credit eligibility information and Fleetcare’s general privacy policy about the management of other personal information are available from our website at and, or upon request, in hard copy. Without limitation, Fleetcare’s privacy policies contain further information about how I may access personal information about me that is held by Fleetcare and seek the correction of such information, and how I may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act or the CR Code, and how Fleetcare will deal with such a complaint.


I understand and agree that my authorities and consents to the collection, holding, use and disclosure of my personal information applies to any personal information collected by Fleetcare for the duration of my relationship with Fleetcare.


I have read and understood the particulars that have been completed in this declaration and state that those particulars are true, complete and not misleading, and have been made to Fleetcare to enable it to assess my finance application.

Also, I consent and agree that: (a) Fleetcare may give me notices or documents by electronic communication by sending the notice or document to the email address disclosed above or the last email address I have otherwise notified; (b) if a notice or document is so given, it will be taken to be given at the time when the notice or document has entered my information system; (c) paper notices and documents may no longer be given to me; (d) electronic communications should be regularly checked for notices and documents; and (e) my consent to the giving of notices and documents by electronic communication may be withdrawn by me at any time.

If this document is signed by me by the use of electronic signature (including by signing on an electronic device or by digital signature), then: (a) I agree that Fleetcare may rely on the electronic signature as having the same force and effect as a handwritten signature; and (b) I unconditionally consent to any method used by Fleetcare (at Fleetcare’s discretion, acting reasonably) to identify me and to confirm my intention to be bound by this document.