Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Testimonials from happy novated leasing customers


Plenty of options

'The choice was great - I could have had any car I wanted. I was also given three different fuel cards - BP, Caltex and Shell.'

Pether Lockman
(Victoria Police)

Absolute certainty

'I can say with absolute certainty that based on my experience, I would recommend Fleetcare to anyone and everyone.'

(Powersource Global Pty Ltd)

Easy to set up

'It was certainty simpler than I first thought it would be. It was hassle-free throughout the whole process. From the initial call to collecting the car, it was a very smooth transaction.'

Greame Stanley
(Victoria Police)

Easy decision

'The car has arrived and it's awesome. Thank you for everything.'

(Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd)

Great price

'I was negotiating with a competitor at the same time to make sure I got the best deal, but the other company couldn't match what Fleetcare was offering. With the tax savings, it was great!.'

Andrew Huntington
(Victoria Police)