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Self-Managed Novated Lease

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective novated lease but feel hampered by your employer’s choice of salary packaging agency, Fleetcare can help! With a self-managed novated lease from Fleetcare, we provide the finance at a much more competitive interest rate and set up the lease with your employers selected salary packager, saving you thousands!
A Fleetcare self-managed novated lease lets you lock in a competitive interest rate on your next car. You can also source your own insurance while your employer’s chosen salary packager will continue to manage the ongoing operating costs of the vehicle on your behalf.

The difference between a Traditional and Self-Managed Novated Lease

Self-Managed Novated Lease FAQs

What is a self-managed lease?

A self-managed novated lease is suited to large organisations and government entities that currently have a salary packager in place.

Fleetcare will source your chosen vehicle, provide a competitive finance rate, and establish a novated lease tailored to your lifestyle.

Your employer’s nominated salary packager then manages the operating expenses of the vehicle and sets up the deductions through your salary.

Why would I choose a self-managed lease over a fully maintained lease?

A self-managed novated lease gives you the freedom to source the most competitive interest rate on your vehicle finance, without being locked in at a higher rate through your employer’s chosen packager.

A self-managed novated lease can save you thousands over the term and the salary deductions will still occur through your packager.

Can I choose the finance company for a self-managed novated lease?

No, you cannot source your own finance with a self-managed novated lease. Finance will be provided by Fleetcare as the financier.

What’s involved in setting up a self-managed novated lease?

While there’s one additional form involved in setting up a self-managed novated lease, you’ll be confident knowing that you’re enjoying the most competitive finance rate.

Fleetcare can source the vehicle of your choice, or you can provide us with the vehicle of your choosing. Our leasing experts will then tailor a package to suit your personal circumstances.

Once you have received finance approval, Fleetcare will organise the settlement of the vehicle and set up the lease with your employers chosen salary packager.

Does having a self-managed lease mean that I pay for the running costs out of my own pocket?

Your vehicle operating costs will still be budgeted for and will be outlined in your quote from Fleetcare.

You will receive a fuel card and be required to pay for your registration, maintenance, tyres and insurance, and then claim a reimbursement from your packager which is usually paid within a few days of the claim.

Reimbursement claims are made easily through the salary packager phone application or online portal with a photo of the receipt of purchase.

How does the process work?

Request a quote
Request a quote from Fleetcare with a new or used vehicle of your choice. Fleetcare will provide you a competitive quote including a provision for your finance costs (managed by Fleetcare) and operating costs (managed by your packager).
Application form
You accept the quote and complete a Fleetcare Finance Application and Deed of Novation. Depending on your employer and the Salary Packager, you may also need to complete an additional application form which Fleetcare will arrange for you.
Credit application
Fleetcare will assess your credit application and once approved, book your finance for settlement.
Once settlement occurs, Fleetcare send all information through to your salary packager who will set up the payroll deductions with your employer.
Ongoing Management
Your salary packager will provide you with a fuel card. All other running costs will be paid by you and reimbursed by your salary packager, usually within a few days.

How can Fleetcare help?

parties that are included in a self-managed novated lease

Better service and a better deal

"I have had a novated lease with a salary packaging provider for the last five years and contacted them to discuss my options at lease end. They were extremely difficult to deal with. Apart from their consultants being in Melbourne (3 hour time delay), they were not interested in my business. I was the one continually contacting them, where I felt they should have been chasing me.
So... I contacted Fleetcare here in Perth and guess what? They are financing my new car!
The Fleetcare team worked with me to get the car I wanted and I got a better deal too! Fleetcare will now be financing my new car, with my employer’s preferred salary packager managing the rest of the novated lease agreement."
Tanya, Police Officer

Think a Self-Managed Novated Lease is right for you?

We'd be happy to tailor this solution to meet your requirements.

Disclaimer: Fleetcare does not provide tax advice. We recommend all customers source their own independent financial advice.