24/7 Roadside Assistance

Getting your drivers back on the road

Fleetcare’s 24 hour roadside assistance ensures your drivers are back on the road faster. You can call us any time, for any matter.

What we do...

  • Arrange for prompt roadside attendance
  • Select one of our approved contractors to help your driver
  • Monitor the situation until your driver is back on the road

Benefits you'll enjoy...

  • Your entire fleet is covered by one service, with one phone number, no matter what state you’re in
  • We don't just change tyres or fix flat batteries either. If your car breaks down, no matter where you are, we look after it
  • When repairs are needed, we take care of those too. We allocate the work and we settle the bills. No fuss
  • In short, we take all the pain from the process and make fleet roadside assistance easy

Roadside Assistance

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