Popular car accessories


Buying a new car is an exciting time for everyone. What's even better is putting your own stamp on your new car!


Car sound systemCar accessories are a popular way to give your vehicle a whole new look, add functionality or simply give it a personal touch, all while being fairly affordable.

External Accessories

External accessories are a great option for those wanting to change or enhance the overall look of their car. The most popular aesthetic choices include:

Number plate frames and decals - these are an inexpensive way to add character to your car and show support for the things you love, such as sports team allegiance.

Mag wheels and rims - Although expensive, custom wheels and rims are sure to add an instant cool-factor to your car.

Extra safety features - such as extra mirrors (side, rear view or towing), tow bars and auto lights.

Internal Accessories

Internal accessories are often designed to supersede existing technology, add new features or just make your car more stylish:

New audio systems, iPod connectors and mobile bluetooth kits - These allow easy listening to all your favourite music with superior sound, and hands free phone calls whilst driving.

Designer car seat and steering wheel covers, floor mats, window shades - these are all cheap options to change the look of your car. A bonus is that they also help keep your vehicle clean and protected from the sun!
With all the after-market car accessories available, there is surely something to suit every personality and purpose. Whether it is something as inexpensive as a bumper sticker, or as pricey as a state-of-the-art car sound system: with the right accessories, you can make your car as unique as you are!

What car accessories do you have in your car? What would you love to have? Jump onto our Twitter page to share your vehicle personalisation's!

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