Holiday driving a non-crash course

Rory Deegan and the Fleetcare Maintenance Team | 22/12/2011 1:50:23 PM

Beach parties, Santa hats, work holidays and the highest number of road fatalities for any 5 day period in the entire year, welcome to the Christmas holidays. While most of us enjoy our annual rituals and customs which come with the festive season, our high Christmas road deaths have, in our recent history, become something of an inevitability. The figures have decreased and the messages of caution are slowly but surely being listened to by an ordinarily sceptical Australian public, but more ...

Preparing for the worst – Planning for crashes

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 16/12/2011 1:55:32 PM

“I just froze, I had no idea of what to do. In my panic I scanned my thoughts for any piece of advice I had ever received about dealing with a car crash, but I couldn’t think of anything”. Those are the words of a shaken Adelaide resident who was involved in a minor vehicle collision earlier this year. The unfortunate fact is that very few people are in fact prepared for the worst and even fewer have a fool proof company procedure for dealing with collisions or car crashes. ...

The Electric Car - Where to now?

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 19/08/2011 9:51:23 AM

"With more research and incentives, we can break our dependence on oil with biofuels, and become the first country to have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015". Those were the words of US president Barack Obama during his state of the Union speech in January of this year (2011). But is this a modest or ambitious goal? This week I set out to find out more about electric vehicles; their past, their present and their future with a specific fleet focus.    A ...

Hybrid vs Diesel - a new auto comparison

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 22/07/2011 10:29:44 AM

Like everyone who stares blankly at listings on car sales websites, I too am overcome with the sheer level of choice. From hatchback to convertible, manual to automatic and all the other choice criteria the number of options for the car seeker can become very confusing. While most of these options are fairly self explanatory there are a few which always confuse in terms of a definite winner. The choice of diesel versus hybrid is, for me, top of this confusion pile. Why buy eithe...

What will the Carbon Tax mean for fleet?

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 15/07/2011 10:34:57 AM

Big news events don't usually fall on Sundays. Normally our news anchors, politicians and journalists have the good grace to leave us all more or less alone on our traditional day of rest, however like it or not Sunday’s event was anything but normal. Placing a price on carbon emissions (if the measure passes in parliament) is possibly one of the most fundamental changes in Australian government policy in decades and has the potential to fundamentally change the way Australian busin...

Will Holden Captivate the growing SUV market?

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 1/07/2011 11:23:42 AM

Family wagons were, at one time, the vehicle of choice for so many Australian mums and dads. Lately however, this seems to be changing. With wagons declining in popularity and manufacturers discontinuing some models it would seem that there is now a space vacant in the Australian auto market. In a previous article I noted that the SUV’s seemed to be gaining ground on all other vehicle classes despite the economic downturn. With all of this in mind, Holden have refreshed their Captiva ra...

How will the Carbon Tax affect pump prices?

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 26/05/2011 1:23:21 PM

The art of negotiation has a long and distinguished history. While in a political sense it gathers most attention during coalition formation talks, it does have the capacity to crop up at any time or place in most societies. The current negotiations and wrangling over the terms and conditions of a proposed carbon tax may (and most likely will) create a new chapter in Australian negotiation history. Fleet Managers will be well advised to stay updated on these developments as the prospect of a ...

FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) Changes Budget 2011

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 17/05/2011 1:52:50 PM

This year’s budget change relating to Novated Lease FBT rates on company vehicles has been much talked about since the release of the budget information last week. On our blog this week we wanted to outline these changes for our readers whilst addressing the most common questions relating to the new system. The overhaul will, over a four year time frame, end the lower rates of FBT liability for those who drive in excess of 24,999 kilometres per year. The change to those over th...

Getting the most out of Fuel Cards

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 5/05/2011 2:14:38 PM

The humble fuel card has, for many Australian businesses, replaced company credit cards and cash in an effort to allow accounts departments generate a clearer picture of how much fuel is costing their respective businesses. Fuel cards simply add up all the fuel purchases made by a business and charge monthly through a standard invoice. While most businesses are content with the standard benefits (discounts, reduced administrative cost, reduction in fraud along with increased transparency ...

An Insight into the new Honda Hybrid

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 28/04/2011 2:19:14 PM

Review of new Honda Insight When the Toyota Prius exploded into life back in 1997 the world watched as Toyota took the rewards for responsible fuel efficient engineering. Since then other manufacturers have drooled over the sales figures and free publicity garnered by Toyota’s bold move. Hybrid is now a household term and copycat cars are fast flooding the market with near identical copies of the original. The Honda Insight is Honda’s current and, in my opinion, best attempt a...

Does green really equal clean?

Laura Taylor - Marketing Assistant | 10/03/2011 2:47:29 PM

Over the last few years we’ve seen the introduction of the ‘green’ car by the majority of large car manufacturers. The new way to show that you are doing your bit for the environment has been to get yourself one of these machines. Not only are you cutting your CO2 emissions, but you’re also getting more km’s out of your tank. Now really, who doesn’t like that? When you need to get somewhere (particularly a fair distance away) do you think “how muc...

Electric vs Petrol

Cindy Anthony - Marketing Assistant | 25/11/2010 10:37:25 AM

There is a substantial amount of people who believe as a society, we should take care of the environment in lieu of our future generations. Okay, so I kind of agree, I don’t want my future children or children's children to have to swim to school everyday because of the rising sea levels caused by Global Warming. And, while there may be some sceptics out there, we need to consider it may be a slight possibility. Consequently, the pressure resulting from society’s demand for a ...

Not Another Green Article!

Cliona Kenneally - Marketing Communications Manager | 27/08/2010 11:24:36 AM

Before you think “oh no, not another blog about green driving”, we’re not here to introduce a new age, super energy efficient, bio fuelled, electricity powered, emission free, hovercraft/car/green machine. We’re just reminding our readers that you don’t need to run out and buy a Prius, Leaf or Tesla to ease your environmental conscience. There are a lot of everyday old school practices that are the most effective methods of reducing your carbon footprint. In ...

How to hold on to Your Employees During the Upcoming Boom in WA

Bowan Spanbroek | 8/02/2010 3:56:09 PM

If you live in WA you will know three things about the resources industry. It’s hard work, it pays well and there is always someone hiring. All three facts contributed to the skills shortage of 07, putting the power in the employee’s court. Job hopping became rife with miners and tradespeople picking and choosing positions that suited them and skilled labourers making a mass exodus from the eastern states. Anyone in upper management knows that when you lose an experienced empl...

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Geely enters the market low but aims high

Bowan Spanbroek | 29/01/2010 3:58:28 PM

This year we will see the introduction of the third Chinese Automotive brand to the Australian market. Geely is set to bring 3 models into Australia via John Hughes ‘Chinese Automotive Distributors’ Company. Initially it will be WA that receives the first 1.5 litre MK models, with dealerships in North Perth and Mandurah releasing possibly in May.Hughes is currently recruiting dealerships over east to distribute the new brand nationally. The aggressive pricing of the MK and Pan...

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