Vehicle Maintenance 101

Basic car maintenance is not beyond the average driver. Most likely the best bit of help you can get when carrying out some basic checks is still in the same place as when you first got the car - in the glove box! You should find the drivers handbook there and this will give you all the information you need to know specifically about your vehicle. Even if you personally don't plan on carrying out any maintenance on your vehicle have a basic understanding of it, this can help you avoid problems and allow you to explain things better to your mechanic.

There are many benefits of performing regular maintenance on your vehicle, from accident reduction to a reduction in costs of repairs. The condition of your vehicle can also result in how you come across to other people, you would be lying if you said a dirty old busted car didn't give a bad impression.

Basic fortnightly tasks

  • Check your tyre pressure
  • Check windscreen washer fluid
  • Check engine oil
  • Check your lights
  • Wash your car

Never use these basic tasks as substitutes for your regular services by a qualified mechanic. Be aware of your vehicles service intervals both by time and by km's, and where possible plan your work ahead and have your vehicle in when it s due. Where it is not possible have your vehicle in just before it reaches its recommended time/km service.

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