Toyota Ruckus Trendy or Tacky

We all have that ‘trendy mate’. They are the ones who had an i-Phone before you even had an i-Pod. They were twittering before you had even heard of Facebook and they're always up with the latest fashion (to the point of irritation).

In marketing terms they're called ‘innovators’. A small but powerful crowd that have been proven invaluable for influencing the general public & starting new trends.

Why are we talking about your trendy mate? Because Toyota are trying to appeal to this influential market with their much hyped Toyota Ruckus and we're not sure if its clever marketing or a flop.

Along with their current customers hair colour, Toyota’s future is looking grey if they can't appeal to the next generation of consumers. And as any teenager will tell you the best way to appeal to the younger market is to get the cool kids driving Toyota. With this objective in mind Toyota has released the 'edgy, urban, square but not square’ Toyota Ruckus.

It’s eye catching, spacious, powerful and has a stereo that will shatter your neighbour’s windows. All these features are great to impress your mates on paper, but is the Ruckus really what the cool kids want? It stands out but maybe for all the wrong reasons...

We asked our Fleettorque readers their first impressions of the Ruckus & their responses leaned heavily towards the negative;

44% - I Hate it. Like Frankenstein on wheels

24% - I don't like it

21% - It's ok

9% - I like it

2% - I love it. Heaven on wheels

Despite this negative response we have to remember the i-Phone, facebook & hybrid car all faced scepticism when they first came out. Maybe the ruckus will be the controversial push Toyota needs into the Gen-y market? Maybe it's missed the mark completely?

We want to know your opinion. Please post comments below. Is the Ruckus Trendy or Tacky?

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