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“Indonesia has the fourth biggest population on earth? That can’t be right”. That was my initial thought after discovering that Indonesia has a population of over 237 million people which is over 40 million more than its nearest competitor, Brazil. Along with this huge population, Indonesia also boasts very positive economic growth figures and even managed to post positive growth figures during the global financial crisis. These figures have hundreds of knock on effects for countries but here at Fleetcare we are concerned about one thing and one thing alone; now that they’re buying cars, what cars are they buying?

Top 10 make-up

Rank Make and model Type
1. Toyota Avanza Medium/wagon
2. Daihatsu Xenia Medium/wagon
3. Toyota Innova Wagon
4. Suzuki APV People carrier
5. Toyota Rush Mini SUV
6. Daihatsu Terios Mini SUV
7. Honda Jazz Medium/wagon
8. Nissan Grand Livina Medium/wagon
9. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV
10. Toyota Yaris Small

This top ten posed the biggest challenge to my previously infallible “small/medium/large/SUV/Ute” system of sizing vehicles and to be frank I have never seen such a large string of unattractive vehicles. Most of them are an awkward cross between a hatchback, a people carrier and an SUV, however not one example of this particular cross breed has any cosmetic appeal. The message in the top ten is pretty clear; Indonesians don’t seem particularly interested in luxury cars or cars with limited passenger space. The top ten vehicles represent a significant proportion of the market with over 50% of all cars in sold in June 2011 finding themselves somewhere between 1 and 10 in the above table.

What does this all mean?

While the top ten above only shows the figures for one month (June 2011) it is still a representative sample of the year to date and it looks very much similar to the 2010 results as all but one car was in the 2010 top ten. However a sense of perspective is needed, while Indonesia’s car market and economy are without doubt expanding faster than the likes of the US they are still relative minnows with a car sales market around one tenth the size of the same market in the US. In short Indonesian figures are simply not significant enough yet to impact any large degree of impact on the rest of the global car market.

What do you think about the Indonesian car market?

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