Will bad maintenance wreck your business?

Vehicle maintenance matters a lot. As a business owner you have a clear obligation to provide a safe working environment for your employees, an obligation that extends to the vehicles they drive. Any crash caused by your poor maintenance resulting in injury or death could leave you liable, or partially liable. Not only that, but if you are found to be liable under state and federal work safe legislation then you're open for lawsuits and compensation in the civil courts.

Consider these two examples:

Like many businesses you rely on your drivers to be responsible for booking their own tyre replacement, and while your receptionist is meant to keep track of vehicle maintenance, it’s not being followed up.

Then one day your vehicle blows a tyre on the freeway. The driver loses control and hits the barrier, causing a multiple car pile-up behind him.  Thankfully, no one’s killed but once the ambulance has finished caring for the injured, the police are called to assess the vehicle and the scene for possible causes.  That bald tyre has clearly failed, triggering the crash and the pile-up that followed.

Or this:

The budget’s tight, so you make a last minute decision to hold off on that major vehicle service on one of your older delivery vans. After all, it’s just been in for a big repair job. “She’ll be right!” you think.
Now the van is out on its usual rounds travelling safely and within the speed limit.  As it approaches a set of lights travelling downhill, the brakes fail and the van can’t stop.  It rear-ends a car, comes to a halt and two cars behind pile-up behind it. Your driver has life threatening head injuries and is rushed to hospital in an ambulance. The two passengers in the vehicle behind are also taken by ambulance seriously injured.

Once again the police are called.  The accident is shown to be your driver’s fault. The vehicle’s examined and it’s clear that those worn brake pads failed to stop the van.

Both scenarios are incredibly serious with grave consequences, but things are about to get a lot worse:

a) The insurance companies claim against you for loss and suffering of those involved in the crash.
b) Your driver claims against you under Worksafe and it’s ruled that you’re not providing a fit workplace and must pay damages.
c) You’re then pursued through the civil court by your driver and the other crash victims for loss and damages.

We can help you manage this risk

Happily, this sad scenario is easily avoided. You can manage this risk by using Fleetcare’s maintenance program, which is designed to keep your vehicles roadworthy. This all-encompassing service advises drivers when service is due, follows them up if they need to have their vehicle maintained, and helps with the location of an approved Fleetcare repairer. We have over 7000 repairers throughout Australia.

Each and every job is scrutinised by us and only approved if the cost and the necessity meets our stringent criteria. With just one invoice at the end of the month, there’s no more hassles paying small accounts. You’ll most likely enjoy reduced maintenance costs, but you’ll certainly have the peace of mind that your fleet is being cared for by Fleetcare.

For more information call Fleetcare today on 1300 655 170 or fill in our contact us from here. 

View our maintenance brochure here.

To find out further state specific information about Safe Work Australia you can visit there website here: http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/sites/SWA

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