Maximise your investment with GPS tracking

As a business owner with a mobile workforce, keeping track of your drivers can be time-consuming and dealing with dispatching, logbooks, after-hours vehicle use and time sheets can cause headaches and frustration.

It's only natural that you've decided to install GPS tracking in your vehicles. It's a great way to keep track of your drivers, save money and keep your customers happy. Well done, what a great decision!

But now you're faced with the task of comparing providers. And there are a LOT of providers. So how do you know you're choosing the right one? And more importantly, how do you know that you'll get bang for your buck?

This eBook will outline 7 Questions to ask your GPS provider to make sure you're getting Bang For Buck.

By the end of this book:

  • You'll learn that not all GPS providers are created equal
  • We'll show you how to navigate some tricky contract clauses that will lock you in and empty your wallet
  • We'll outline some of the common myths around GPS vehicle tracking software and how some providers get away without legal map licensing
  • You'll be thinking about your business objectives and ROI
  • You'll be armed with 7 awesome questions to ask when comparing providers
  • You'll save money, and who doesn't want that?

Only $369 for the hardware then $10 per month for tracking. No contract required.

Includes Telstra SIM and data, 24/7 access to the Fleetdynamics portal and custom exception reports.

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7 questions to ask before purchasing your GPS vehicle tracking system to make sure you get Bang For Buck