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Offering WA Police novated choice

If you’re looking for a cost-effective novated lease but feel hampered by your employer’s choice of salary packaging agency, Fleetcare can help! With a self-managed novated lease from Fleetcare, you have the flexibility of selecting the financier of your choice at a much more competitive interest rate, saving you thousands!

Why choose a Fleetcare Novated Lease?

  • Let us do the leg work for you and save on the vehicle purchase price with Fleetcare’s purchasing power. Check out our latest specials.
  • You have the freedom to find the most competitive interest rate on your vehicle finance, without being locked in at a higher rate through your employer’s chosen packager.
  • Your salary packager will provide you with a single fuel card. A self-managed novated lease will give you the option to pay for your own fuel with discount vouchers and then claim a reimbursement. In most cases, you’ll receive more of a discount from vouchers than your packagers fuel card.
  • Don’t be locked in to your salary packager’s insurance provider. A self-managed novated lease gives you the ability to source your own insurance and add-ons tailored to your needs.

Self-Managed Novated Lease from Fleetcare

I will recommend your company, and you personally to my friends and colleagues in the future, based purely on your outstanding customer service.
Melissa, Defence Force Australia

Novated Lease benefits

  • Access exclusive vehicle offers combined with fleet discounts on the purchase price of your new car with Fleetcare’s purchasing power.
  • Access income tax savings by paying for your vehicle and running costs from your pre-tax salary.
  • Save on GST on the vehicle purchase price and ongoing running costs for the life of your lease, depending on your employer’s policy and accounting treatment of GST.
  • Bundle your vehicle expenses into a single payment and smooth your budget.
  • Once you become a customer, you can Refer a Friend and earn $250 each when your friend’s lease settles – there’s no limit on the number of times you can refer!

Disclaimer: Income Tax savings are dependent on your taxable income and individual tax status. GST savings are dependent on your employer’s policy and accounting treatment of GST.


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