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As a WA Government employee, you're able to save thousands by salary sacrificing a vehicle through a Fleetcare Novated Lease.

A novated lease is a popular salary sacrificing method, which allows you to pay for your vehicle and all its running costs and accessories using your pre-tax salary. The payment is deducted from your salary, fortnightly or monthly which makes it a great way to flatten the costs associated with owning a vehicle.

Fleetcare are able to work with your agency's existing salary packager to secure a great deal on your next car.

Why novated leasing?

If you're in the market for a new car and you're a WA Government employee, a novated lease is a perfect salary sacrificing solution for you. It allows you to package all of your vehicle running costs into one easy payment that's deducted from your salary before tax, and before you receive the money in your account.

Your novated lease includes the vehicle purchase price and any accessories, stamp duty and other on-road costs, fuel, roadside assistance, servicing, tyres and maintenance and comprehensive insurance, so you never have to worry about managing your vehicle running payments again, as it's all paid for from your pre-tax salary. You'll also never pay GST on the purchase price or any vehicle expenses again - that's a 10% saving right there!

Leasing a Fleetcare vehicle via a salary packager

I will recommend your company, and you personally to my friends and colleagues in the future, based purely on your outstanding customer service.
Melissa, Defence Force Australia

Taking out a Fleetcare Novated Lease offers advantages you won't get with other novated lease companies

  • You'll receive exclusive discounts on your vehicle purchase price and ongoing running costs, thanks to our supplier bargaining power that we've developed for 30 years in the business.
  • You choose the car you want, the extras, and how much you drive and we'll fit it all into your budget.
  • All WA Government employees will have a dedicated, WA-based account manager actively working on your behalf to ensure your leasing package is tailored to suit your life.
  • If you're unsure about the vehicle you want, our novated lease experts can help you choose a make and model to suit your life and budget.
  • Fleetcare manage every aspect of your vehicle for you, so you no longer have to worry about pushy salesmen, confusing maintenance jargon or unnecessary expenses that will leave you out of pocket.
  • All Fleetcare staff are trained to ensure that your vehicle is run in the most efficient way possible, and are committed to providing best value novated lease solutions.
  • Customer service is the cornerstone of Fleetcare's business and the secret to our success. We make it a priority to develop close relationships with each client and offer unbiased novated leasing advice to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.
For more information on why Fleetcare novated leasing makes sense in so many ways, have a read through our brochure.

Disclaimer: Income Tax savings are dependent on your taxable income and individual tax status. GST savings are dependent on your employer’s policy and accounting treatment of GST.

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