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Vehicle Transaction Details Report

A detailed list of all transactions for vehicles against the cost centre.

A sample vehicle transaction details report

example of report vehicle transaction

Below is an explanation of what each element of the report refers to:

  1. Date invoice was issued.
  2. Total amount billed this period.
  3. Allows you to hide and show by Cost Centre.
  4. Date of transaction.
  5. The supplier of the purchase, such as a fuel company, supplier or financier.
  6. Description of purchase.
  7. Odometer reading entered at the time of purchase.
  8. Litres of fuel purchased if transaction is for fuel.
  9. Unit price – in this case cost per litre.
  10. Total cost excluding GST.
  11. GST portion of the total.
  12. Total transaction amount including GST.
  13. Summary of all transactions for a vehicle.
  14. Summary of all transactions for vehicles against this cost centre.