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Terms and Conditions - Novated 10c Offer

  1. From 01/07/2019 through to the 31/10/2020 this offer is available to all novated lease vehicles arranged by Fleetcare.
  2. The BP 10¢ per litre discount is only available when petrol or diesel is purchased at an Australian BP fuel station using an eligible BP fuel card issued by Fleetcare. Fuel discounts will not be applied by BP at the time of purchase, but will be processed and applied to your account by Fleetcare. Details of the fuel discounts you have received can be viewed on reports and invoices issued by Fleetcare.
    1. The discount is 10 cents including GST off the displayed price on the bowser at the time of purchase.
    2. Fuel reimbursements are not eligible.
    3. LPG is excluded.
    4. Fuel provider transaction fees apply
  3. As with all novated leases the benefit must only apply to the novated vehicle and may not exceed fair usage. For fuel fair usage is calculated by dividing the kilometres per year by the manufacturers stated fuel consumption figure (litres per 100km) multiplied by 1.10 (Fleetcare add 10% to allow for variance between realistic driving conditions and the manufacturers stated figure).
  4. When you exceed fair usage litres then the promotion discount shall cease and any additional litres will revert to your standard employer’s discount for fuel.
  5. This offer cannot be redeemed for cash or used in conjunction with any other offer. However, Fleetcare's 'refer a friend' promotion runs in conjunction with this offer.
  6. Fleetcare reserves the right to cancel or alter this offer at any time without prior notice.