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Integrated Telematics

More than just GPS Tracking.

The future of fleet management

Telematics offers you unparalleled access to your fleet data allowing you to monitor, manage and optimise your mobile workforce in real-time. See where your entire fleet is at any given moment, dispatch drivers quickly and gain valuable business insights through a range of automated reporting options.
Our In-Vehicle Management system (IVMS) closely monitors your vehicle's health, allowing you to proactively manage your assets to reduce breakdowns and unscheduled maintenance costs. With multiple reporting options, you will be able to lower the total cost of ownership and improve resale value across your fleet.

Benefits of Telematics

Mitigate risk and improve compliance
Telematics data can be used to cross-reference vehicle location with fuel card and/or toll e-Tag use, reducing the risk of fraudulent expenses and unauthorised vehicle use. Monitoring driver behaviour can reduce the risk of crashes by up to 20%, while C02 and fuel monitoring can improve environmental compliance.
Reduce fuel costs
Optimise driver routes, dispatch the nearest vehicle, reduce unathorised use, eliminate fuel theft, and decrease speeding and wasteful idling.
Improve customer service
Get ahead of the competition with faster response times, accurate time of arrival, and improved invoicing accuracy.
Reduce labour costs
Maximise your drivers' productivity and reduce unnecessary overtime. Reduce administration costs associated with driver communications, logbook, time sheet, and invoicing enquiries.
Increase fleet security
Monitor and recover stolen assets quickly and easily.

Think Telematics is right for you?

We will gladly tailor this solution to meet your requirements.
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