Novated Leasing

Attract, Retain & Reward your employees

Good for business, good for employees

As an employer, you understand the value of good staff. They're the life-blood of any successful business - keeping things running smoothly, your customers satisfied, and the money coming in.
Good businesses can’t thrive without good staff right? But how do you lure quality staff and hold onto them in a competitive business environment? They key is to offer attractive employee benefits. Employee benefits are an essential part of building a workplace culture that looks after its staff. Novated leasing is a popular benefit offered to employees to salary package a new car at no cost to your business.

Attract, Retain and Reward your employees

Difficult to recruit new employees?
Supercharge your recruitment wins by offering outstanding vehicle packages to new recruits which reduces their tax liability, all at no cost to your business. The promise of a shiny new car is a great incentive for any prospective new employee. It allows you to show that you value their contribution and helps to boost their morale. 
Employee retention a problem?
Offering high value novated lease vehicle packages allows you to show that you value your staff's contribution and helps to boost employee morale. A novated lease can help your employees save thousands on their new vehicle and is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.
Bonuses a headache?
Incentivise a different way – reward your star performers by adding exciting high value vehicle packages. The running costs of the new vehicle comes out of your employee's pre-tax income, rather than their pay after tax so employees are left with more money in their pocket thanks to the reduction of their taxable income.

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Once your employees have chosen their vehicle, we use our purchasing power to negotiate the best possible price and arrange a competitive finance deal on their behalf.
We then work out the running costs (including fuel, maintenance and insurance) and contact you to set up a regular salary deduction. We have a team of in-house experts who deal with any employee queries and you don’t have to make any system changes because we fit in with your existing payroll cycle. Plus, we appoint a dedicated account manager to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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