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A Moment with Blake

16/11/2018 by Lania Mason in Fleetcare news

Meet Blake Sradarev.

A Novated Lease Educator based in our Perth office.

We’re lucky enough to employee creative thinkers who anticipate customer needs, and are committed to solving problems. Blake happens to be one of them.

Blake took the time to sit down with us and have a chat. So grab a coffee, take a seat, and learn a little more about Blake and novated leasing.

You’re a novated educator – what does that mean exactly?

My role at Fleetcare is to get out to workplaces and speak with employees about the benefits of novated leasing.

In a day, I could speak with a staff member who is thinking about a new novated lease agreement, or an existing customer with a few questions about how to manage their current lease.

The other part of my role, is to speak with employers about offering novated leasing to their employees to help attract, reward and retain their staff.

What’s the difference between salary packaging and novated leasing?

Salary packaging often refers to paying for an item and seeking reimbursement from your pre-tax salary.

Novated leasing is a salary packaging option that lets you pay for a new or used car of your choice from your pre-tax salary. The cost of the vehicle’s running costs are also bundled into the payment. On top of the convenience of budgeting all the vehicle’s costs into a simple pre-tax payment, you’ll also save on income tax and GST!

After being in the industry for so many years, what would you say are the biggest misconceptions around novated leasing?

I am often asked about whether you need to travel a minimum number of kilometres each year to be eligible for a novated lease. This used to be the case, but changes made to FBT laws in 2011 removed this requirement.

Another question I get a lot is whether you have to buy a new car with a novated lease. The answer is no. You can purchase a used car as long as the vehicle isn’t more than eight years old at the end of the lease period. You can even novate your existing vehicle!

I understand that a novated lease can be a bit of an unknown to a lot of people, and that is why my role exists. I am tasked with educating customers, providing facts, and busting myths to help customers make an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle.

Can employees choose their novated provider?

Yes. A lot of employees aren’t aware of this, but even if an employer works with a separate salary packaging provider, they can still do a novated lease through Fleetcare. If an employee is looking at a novated lease, I encourage them to get as many quotes as possible to ensure they’re getting the best pricing and experience.

Why should employees choose Fleetcare for their next new car?

Led by founder and CEO – Nigel Malcolm, Fleetcare has almost 30 years’ experience in the industry. Trusted amongst many businesses Australia-wide, we service over 42,000 vehicles. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service, and we work hard to ensure our customers are happy.

As we’re independently owned, there are no external pressures, so we’re able assist our customers quickly.

I love my role at Fleetcare. I’m able to communicate with a broad range of people from all sectors, and give people information that empowers them make a decision that is suitable to their requirements.

Some customers like to book a one-on-one appointment to go through the nitty gritty of novated leasing, some just call to ask a quick question, and some just want a quote to view the numbers. Whatever the customer needs, I’m there to help.

If you’re interested in novated leasing, Blake can be reach on 0499 993 170 or emailing

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