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Exploring the Rise of Electric Vehicles in Australian Fleets: Are You Ready for the Change?

13/06/2024 by Lania Mason in Fleet Management

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are booming in Australia. Last year, 7.2% of new vehicles sold in Australia were electric, compared to 3.1% in 2022.

Fan-favourite Tesla and supercharged competitor BYD are powering the market moves, but almost every major manufacturer has an EV offering in 2024.

That’s good news for Australian businesses looking to transition their fleet to EVs.

As sustainability takes centre stage, with EVs soon to be everywhere, Fleetcare is ahead of the pack, providing fleet management solutions for electric vehicles.

We’re helping businesses transition to low or zero-emission vehicles because it’s better for the environment, better for fleet management costs, and better for your company’s brand.

However, while the benefits are undeniable, transitioning to an EV fleet requires careful planning. Australia’s infrastructure is developing quickly, but we still face unique challenges with fleet management solutions for electric vehicles.

What to know before charging ahead with a fleet of electric vehicles

Charging infrastructure

One of the first considerations before making the switch to EVs is charging infrastructure.

Unlike petrol stations, the infrastructure to keep EVs running is not yet available everywhere.

Start by mapping pre-existing charging locations. However, it’s also worth paying attention to plans for more EV charging stations in your area. A report from January 2024 predicted that Australia’s charging network could double in size this year after growing by 90% in 2023.

Range and idle time

Understanding your team’s daily travel requirements is key for mapping potential charging opportunities.

This is where fleet telematics becomes a strategic advantage. Monitoring vehicle routes and ranges using telematics is much more reliable than logbooks.

The data-driven insights also mean you can optimise or redirect routes to take advantage of charging stations along the way.

By analysing telematics data, you can determine the most effective and efficient fleet management solutions for electric vehicles. This includes where vehicles can be left overnight after a long day on the road.

Will that be at your HQ? Partner locations? Employee homes? Maybe a little of everything.

Depending on your fleet size and needs, it might be cost-effective (or even essential) to install charging stations at your premises or reimburse employees for charging at home.

Reimbursing employees for EV charging

Electric vehicles are much cheaper to run than traditional fuel-powered cars, but they’re not free.

If employees are asked to charge company fleet vehicles at home, you may need to organise a reimbursement agreement.

Managing reimbursement for home charging involves tracking energy usage. In our experience with providing fleet management solutions for electric vehicles, that often means a combination of in-car navigation system data and a dedicated energy meter installed in the home.

Exploring on-route charging options and associated costs is equally important, although easier for employees blessed with a company card.

Training employees to use their new toys

A fleet of EVs represents a significant investment for any business.

Ensuring your employees are trained to operate the vehicles safely and responsibly will help you get more mileage from that investment.

Training should include:

  • Charging the vehicle, including charging infrastructure safety
  • Operating specialty technology
  • Using self-driving systems (if applicable)
  • Maintenance specific to EVs

If you’re already considering transitioning fleet management solutions for electric vehicles, then start developing resources early to make the transition easier.

Partnering for success

Perhaps the most important question is: have you found a knowledgeable and experienced partner to assist with your transition to an electric fleet?

EV technology is continuously evolving, both inside and outside the car. At the same time, the rebates, requirements and costs for electric vehicles can be hard to wrap your head around.

Having a trusted fleet management partner can make all the difference.

Here’s where Fleetcare steps in.

As Australia’s largest independent fleet management and leasing business, Fleetcare offers unparalleled expertise and flexibility in transitioning your fleet to EVs.

Our experience in fleet management solutions for electric vehicles means we can guide you through every stage of the transition:

  • Choosing the most suitable EVs for your fleet
  • Leveraging our fleet buying power to get the best prices
  • Tailored financing options
  • Strategic planning for charging infrastructure and reimbursement agreements

We also offer EVs through novated lease agreements, helping your employees achieve significant tax deductions and get the electric car they’ve been holding out for.

Incentives for EVs

Different Australian states provide financial and tax incentives to encourage the uptake of low and zero-emission vehicles.

Businesses transitioning to EV fleets might be eligible for incentives like tax exemptions, cash rebates or lower registration fees.

For example, you could be eligible for a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemption on electric cars – including running costs – if you transition to an electric fleet in the near future. FBT exemptions apply to EVs on novated lease agreements, which is great news for employers and employees.

The situation is different in every state (and changing often), so if you’re interested in the latest information on EV rebates, reach out to the Fleetcare team.

Let’s get you charged up for an eco-friendly, cost-effective future

At Fleetcare, we believe EVs are the future of fleet management – and the future is just around the corner.

With Australia’s charging infrastructure growing significantly in the coming years, climate change an issue on every corporate leader’s agenda, and financial incentives still available for new EVs, there is no better time to start thinking about the transition.

We also understand that investing in an EV fleet is a strategic decision requiring careful consideration.

You can always call on our experience to help with planning charging, infrastructure, FBT exemptions and reimbursement strategies. Clever planning will help you overcome challenges and seize the opportunities this transformative journey presents.

Our fleet management solutions for electric vehicles help you get there sooner.

Call Fleetcare on 134 333 or contact us online and let’s work together to build a sustainable future for your business.

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