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Reduce risk. Smooth costs. Get on with the job.

With almost 30 years' experience, leaving your business vehicle requirements in the hands of Fleetcare's team of motor industry experts will see you reduce costs, save time, and improve how your business operates.

Vehicle Leasing

An Operating Lease is an easy and cost effective way of financing your business vehicles. It’s a fully integrated, tax deductible leasing option that’s like a long-term car rental. You carry no residual risk and can combine most vehicle running costs into one smooth, monthly payment.

What's included in one fixed monthly payment:

  • Vehicle servicing
  • Registration renewal
  • Replacement tyres
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • e-Tag Management
  • Crash Management
  • Fuel Card Management
  • Reporting

Fleetcare have a range of other vehicle financing options and can assist you in making the right purchasing decision to meet your needs.

Fleet Management

No matter how large (or small) your fleet is, we can tailor a Fleet Management solution to fit your requirements. Let us manage your fuel cards, repairs and maintenance, roadside assistance, registration, insurance and everything in-between!

Fleet Management products:

  • Fuel Card Management
  • Crash Management
  • FBT Management
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Vehicle Remarketing
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Registration Management
  • Car Hire
  • e-Tag Management
  • Insurance


As a business owner with a mobile workforce, keeping track of your drivers can be time consuming and dealing with dispatching logbooks, after hours vehicle use and timesheets can cause headaches & frustration.

GPS tracking devices are an affordable & simple solution that lets you track your assets in real-time, allowing you to manage your drivers more efficiently & increase customer satisfaction, saving you time & money.

What's included in one fixed monthly payment:

  • No lock-in contracts
  • Transparent up-front costs
  • Low monthly subscription
  • Licensed maps from Google
  • Handy concealment pack
  • Purpose-built, scalable software
  • In-house developer team
  • Live, real-time portal
  • Lifetime hardware warranty
  • 30 day moneyback guarantee

Terms & conditions
*The figures presented are based on the applicant living in NSW. The monthly cost excludes GST and is based on a 60 month term travelling 25,000km p.a. and includes estimated running costs including initial and ongoing registration, maintenance, eight replacement tyres, roadside assistance, fuel card management, e-Tag management, crash management, and reporting. Vehicle images are for illustration purposes only. Figures may alter based on an individual’s circumstances and are subject to change. Offer expires on the 30th November 2019 and is subject to credit approval.

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Exclusive Vehicle Lease Offer

Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab GLX
ADAS 4x4 Diesel (Manual)

From $775.95 per month*

Fully Maintained