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No hidden fuel card fees

Don't get stung at the pump with additional charges!

Looking for a better fuel solution?

Running a business can be tough and if you aren’t actively watching your finances, you can find your business in a spot of trouble. That’s why fuel cards are a great tool to help smooth out your spending habits and keep your business moving.
With a Fleetcare Fuel Card, you’ll enjoy discounted fuel, nationwide coverage, consolidated monthly billing and streamlined reporting. By simplifying this part of your business, you can focus on what is important – getting on with the job. Some providers may appear cheaper but don’t be fooled! Additional charges can be associated with a fuel card which can quickly add up. At Fleetcare, we aim to keep your expenses low and waiver most fees allowing you to pocket more of your money.

Fees we DON'T charge!

Fuel card featues

Compare the benefits of fuel cards over credit cards.

Fleetcare’s fuel card system of offering individual fuel cards for each major Australian oil company – BP, Caltex and Shell, is superior to the credit card system offered by some competitors.

The cards are provided on an interest free account with no sign up or other hidden fees. Because the cards are directly from the fuel companies they’ll always be accepted, unlike competitor cards, which may only be valid at certain service stations.

They also offer added security as they are assigned to each fleet vehicle rather than each driver.

Discounts at all major service stations.

Fuel is a key component of any fleet. Our fuel card management system is an efficient solution, resulting in reduced direct costs through discounted fuel, and indirect costs through efficient reporting.

We give you:

  • Fuel cards from the leading oil companies – BP, Shell and Caltex.
  • Reports allowing you to keep track of your running costs and measure shop purchases, high cost vehicles and actual fuel usage.
  • Minimised opportunities for fraud through accurate and clear reporting.
Efficiency where it counts.

Fleetcare offers in-depth reporting tools to all fuel card customers, combining all individual transactions into one simple monthly invoice. This allows customers to drill down to single transactions for tracking and accountability purposes.

  • Access to resources that monitor and help to reduce wasteful driver habits.
  • Minimise the opportunities for fraud through accurate and clear reporting.
  • Report monthly on measures like shop purchases, high cost vehicles and actual fuel usage compared to the vehicle manufacturer's expectations.
24/7 driver support.

Fleetcare offers dedicated fuel card support to drivers with a 24/7 phone number. This makes cancelling one or all cards, and reissuing a new set, quick and simple if they’re lost or stolen.

You can also call or email us regarding any other fuel card questions you may have, including setting up the cards, PIN numbers, discounts offered, and much more!

Fuel Card FAQs

Whats fees are not included in a Fleetcare Fuel Card?
With a Fleetcare Fuel Card there are no hidden fees attached. To keep costs low, we exclude the following charges;
  • Joining Fee
  • Card Fee
  • Replacement Card Fee
  • Interest
  • Shop Purchases Transaction Fees
Where can I use my fuel card?

With a Fleetcare Fuel Card, you get access to discounts at BP, Shell, Caltex, Coles and Woolworths fuel stations nationwide.

What is a fuel card?

A fuel card is used as a payment card that negates the need for credit card or cash payments or reimbursements to the driver of the vehicle as all costs are combined in a single monthly invoice. Fuel cards can also be used to pay for oil, shop expenses and car washes at the discretion of the fleet owner or manager.

How does a fuel card work?

A Fleetcare Fuel Card allows a driver to fill up at BP, Shell, Caltex, Coles and Woolworths fuel stations nationwide. Instead of paying with cash or credit/debit cards, the driver simply presents their Fleetcare Fuel Card to the cashier. The company is then billed directly as part of their monthly invoice where all transactions are itemised by vehicle.

How can I apply for a fuel card?

Simply complete a form on the Fleetcare website, call 134 333 or email One of our team will get in touch with you and send through a credit application. Fuel card eligibility is done on a case by case basis, and once your credit has been approved, your fuel card application will be finalised and your fuel cards will be sent out to you.

Ready to start saving on your fuel bill?

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Disclaimer: Fuel discounts are available for customers with a minimum of two vehicles only. Transaction and management fees apply.