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Vehicle Remarketing

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A vehicle’s resale represents a critical part of its lifecycle, often overshadowed by the purchase of its replacement.
The resale of a vehicle at off-lease or end-of-term is an opportunity for Fleetcare’s expert remarketers to act on your behalf to secure the best outcome possible. We select the most appropriate resale channel to meet your business requirements, independently evaluating the reserve and resale price and managing the recovery and disposal within strict time frames.

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Improving end of life value.
All Fleetcare managed vehicles benefit from proactive maintenance practices throughout the vehicle life. This guarantees the best resale value and a quick resale process without the need for end-of-life repairs prior to sale.
vehicle engine oil
Managed vehicle disposal at end of lease.
Fleetcare actively manage the vehicle hand-back process, avoiding hefty penalties and charges for minor vehicle damage that may have occurred during the vehicle’s operational life. From inspection to pre-disposal reconditioning and then final hand-over to the lessor - Fleetcare manage it all and protect your bottom line.
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Additional protection to ensure you get the best resale price.
Your independent assessment of the vehicle’s condition via an end of term inspection is combined with expert remarketing advice from our disposals team. We organise everything for you - from quotes to repairs and assessments to sale, while keeping you in the loop during the process.
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Add Vehicle Remarketing to your fleet solution

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