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Vehicle Purchasing

We know that one size doesn’t fit all!

Flexibility gives the best results

You need expert advice and flexible leasing options, combined with optimised lease terms and the right mix of vehicles tailored to your business needs.
At Fleetcare, we know that all our customers are different, so our team of industry experts offer the necessary flexibility and experience to help you decide on the best possible configuration of purchasing options and vehicle specifications for your fleet.

We'll take care of it

A reliable replacement program designed with utilisation in mind
We’ll work within your procurement policies
Expert advice on vehicle selection, accessories, fit out and livery
National fleet buying power so you always get the best price
Fleet finance audit to advise the best funding model to suit your needs
The right vehicle, at the right time and the right price

We provide advice on optimal funding methods and terms according to the particular use of each vehicle. Be it an operating leasefinance leasehire purchase, secured loan or cash, dependent on each situation. 

As Australia’s most successful independent fleet management company, you can also be comfortable in the knowledge that you have benefited from our independent buying power.  We are committed to ensuring that your vehicle acquisition, supply and fit-out comes to you at the best possible rate.  

Supplying specialist vehicle fit outs where required, including mine site vehicle specifications, specialised vehicle suspensions, and disability vehicle modifications including wheelchair tracking and hydraulic lifts.

Add Vehicle Purchasing to your fleet solution

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