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Repairs & Maintenance

We'll keep your business moving.

You don’t need down time

That’s why we have a dedicated team to help with vehicle servicing, repairs and maintenance.
Rest easy with a network of authorised suppliers throughout Australia and a team of dedicated maintenance controllers working on your behalf. Your drivers will enjoy 24/7 driver support including emergency after hours repairs and replacement car hire when required. We manage all recalls for you, ensuring the safety of your drivers and that recall repairs are completed in a timely manner.  And you can easily access all vehicle transaction and repair information via our online portal.

We'll take care of it

Never miss a service.
Keep your warranties intact, running costs down and optimises resale values. We monitor your fleet's activities from our odometer management system, and notify your drivers via email or SMS when a service is required, well in advance of the servicing dates so you don’t miss them.
light blue tools to repair vehicle
Just drop in the keys and go.
Our maintenance controllers liaise directly with suppliers to ensure you always get optimum service standards, the best rates possible, and claim warranties to maximum effect at every opportunity.
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You can choose from thousands of approved service centres nationally.
Visit our Fleetcare Finder for a full list of our repairers and suppliers including tyres, windscreens and batteries. If you'd like to use a provider that isn't on the list, just let us know.
light blue vehicle engine
Our maintenance team review all costs prior to work commencement.
We source multiple quotes for work when required and you'll benefit from preferential fleet pricing. We work on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the best rates possible, authorising work only once it has been verified compliant, required and within allocated spend limits.
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Cover all repair requirements within your single monthly payment.
If you have a fully maintained Operating Lease, we'll cover mechanical repairs and replacements not covered under warranty resulting from normal fair wear and tear. Stabilise your fleet's monthly expenses into a single payment including vehicle finance along with your pre-determined fixed monthly fleet maintenance costs.
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Add Repairs & Maintenance to your fleet solution

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