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Fuel Tax Credits

Access Fuel Tax Credits for fuel burn on private roads.
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Fuel Tax Credits reimburse businesses for the excise embedded in the cost of fuel. We allow customers to maximise fuel tax claims by reporting on exact fuel use from fuel and GPS data, rather than manufacturer guidelines and safe harbour calculations.
Now, you can maximise your Fuel Tax claim by reporting on exact movement, location and fuel burn from integrated fuel and GPS data, rather than manufacturer guidelines and safe harbour calculation methods, significantly improving your potential returns. Best of all, the data is provided to you in a single monthly report with BAS-ready figures for inclusion in your activity statement.
Benefits of Fuel Tax Credits

  • Reduce administration with BAS-ready monthly reporting.
  • Significantly higher accuracy when compared to 'safe harbour' or geozone calculations.
  • Improved opportunity of a return.
  • Highly auditable data trail.
  • Partnered with Australia's leading accounting firms.
  • Ability to claim retrospectively for up to four years.

How does Fuel Tax Credit computation work?

Fuel tax credit infographic

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