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Sale and Leaseback

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Need to free up capital and reduce the burden of owning ageing assets? Our sale and leaseback service allows you to sell your vehicles to Fleetcare and then lease them back under a lease agreement. You can simplify your payments and, depending on the finance option you choose, you maybe able to transfer any residual risk to Fleetcare.

Why Sale and Leaseback?

Free up capital

By selling your fleet to Fleetcare and leasing it back, you can free up capital and use it to fund other aspects of your business which have higher rates of return.

Switch your entire fleet

Transition all your fleet vehicles to one of our finance options including an Operating Lease, Finance Lease, and Secured Loan, without impacting your vehicles and drivers.

Reduce residual risk

With an Operating Lease agreement, Fleetcare own the vehicle, so you'll reduce the exposure to unexpected losses on the sale of vehicles at the end of their lease cycle.

Simple payments

Enjoy fixed monthly payments allowing for reduced administration, improved budget forecasting, and better cost allocation.

Vehicle protection options

Car care is essential in helping to safeguard your car against the inevitable bird droppings, dirt and mud, coffee spills and everything in between!

Fleetcare offers premium protection packages that help withstand whatever the environment throws at you, keeping you and your car safe and looking like new.

Check out our full range of protection products here.

Sale and Leaseback FAQs

Which finance options suit a Sale & Leaseback Agreement?

Operating Lease, Finance Lease, Hire Purchase, and Secured Loan (Chattel Mortgage) products are all suitable financial agreements for a Sale & Leaseback process.

Will the vehicle be fully maintained?

If you chose an operating lease agreement, then maintenance and running costs can be included in the rental. Finance Lease, Hire Purchase, and Secured Loan agreements are generally non-maintained, however we can supplement these agreements with our Fleet Management product to ensure all vehicles are fully managed.

Are there any restrictions in the type or age of vehicles that can use this service?

Fleetcare will analyse your fleet and work with you to determine vehicle suitability for a Sale & Leaseback agreement to ensure your fleet requirements are met.

Can I do a Sale and Leaseback on a personal vehicle?

You can do a Sale and Leaseback on an existing personal vehicle if you meet the eligiblity criteria for a novated lease. A novated lease allows you to pay for your car and running costs from your pre-tax salary. Ask our team about a Fleetcare Novated Lease on 134 333.

Want to know more about Sale & Leaseback?

Disclaimer: This advice is general in nature and based on present taxation laws and may be subject to change. We recommend you seek your own independent financial advice.