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The Fleetcare Story

How it all began.
The Fleetcare story

The Fleetcare story began in 1989 with our founder, Nigel Malcolm. His extensive experience in the Australian motor industry revealed an opportunity to launch a unique, 100% independent Australian fleet management business.

There was scope for a business which understood Australian drivers and Australian conditions, one which didn't face demands from overseas shareholders and most importantly, one that put people at its centre.

In the early days, Nigel's mantra was that he could truly 'do things better' than other fleet managers. His approach was to focus on building a loyal, trustworthy team and put the development of effective customer solutions first.

Relying heavily on his and his team's commitment and long hours, this was a business driven by passion.

Fleetcare's formula for success paid off. The business quickly grew in a highly competitive business environment. Technological innovation and application of bespoke reporting software became a key part of the success story.

Fleetcare's value system: I CARE

We do what's right.
We communicate with honesty and sincerity at all times. We are trustworthy and ethical. We do what's right, even when we're in the wrong.
We go the extra mile.
The customer comes first in everything we do. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. All day, every day.
If we say we'll do it, consider it done.
We are solutions focused and take responsibility for our actions, both personally and as a group. We are accountable for the results we deliver to customers, to colleagues and to stakeholders.
We treat others the way we want to be treated.
We respect ourselves, one another, our customers and our suppliers. We value and support one another to achieve the best results.
We imagine a better way.
We dream big, we are innovative and we push the boundaries to achieve amazing results. We have passion and pride for what we do, and we recognise and celebrate success.
100% independently Australian owned

Fleetcare is still 100% independently Australian owned, and operates nationwide with offices located in:

  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Sydney, New South Wales
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • ​Hobart, Tasmania

Our team manage over 42,000 vehicles for a variety of customers, including industrial, governmental and commercial businesses across Australia.

Today, our business values haven't changed. If anything, as the team and the business continue to grow, they've become even more embedded in our approach.

We know the importance of effective communication with each other and our customers, and we strive to build a culture where trust and honesty are valued above all else.

The future of Fleetcare - watch this space!

At Fleetcare, the focus is always on the road ahead and future proofing our business as the industry landscape changes daily.

Being independent, we can be responsive to change, and this is one of our greatest assets. The future will see new innovations and data technology, particularly in the field of telematics and driver behaviour monitoring as we all work to make our roads safer. Our team of internal developers is sure to expand as we build new business intelligence platforms to offer even more solutions for our customers.

2018 saw the launch of a new brand identity for Fleetcare, with the full suite of branded assets being reviewed and refreshed to make them more customer friendly than ever. This is all part of our ongoing commitment to remaining a key player in the Australian Fleet Management and Leasing industry for many years to come.


"Had no issues, always been clear with me and the service is of high quality."
JAMES, RACWA Holdings Pty Ltd

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