The keystone of Fleetcare's Total Fleet Management service, Fleetmanager will help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and profitability all in an intelligent real time fleet management software package.


Fleetmanager provides you with real time reporting and analysis on the following areas, constantly keeping you up to date and in control of your fleet.

  • Fuel Cards Activity
  • Kilometres Travelled
  • Incidents as they occur
  • Service and Registration Due
  • Fleet Composition
  • Exception Reports
  • Invoice Analysis
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Plus more

The simple interface and ability to customise the Fleetmanager dashboard allows users to retrieve the exact information they require as it occurs.

We even offer driver alerts via SMS on critical issues such as missing odometer readings and service reminders. All this helps to keep your fleet informed, safe and always running at its optimum, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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