Vehicle Remarketing

Aiming to deliver the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time
Let our vehicle remarketing experts do the work for you.

Remarketing is high on our agenda

Did you know that resale forms a critical part of a vehicle’s lifecycle? All too often the sale of a vehicle at the end of its life is overshadowed with the purchase of its replacement. Our remarketing strategy ensures that the sale of off-lease or end-of-term vehicles is not left to chance, or delegated to someone who fits resale activities in between other responsibilities.

Pro-active maintenance yields best results

Educating our clients on damage control practices is high on our agenda. You benefit from our remarketing philosophy which promotes healthy practices like fast accident repairs. No matter the severity of damage, save time and money by fixing problems as they happen, rather than waiting until you are ready to re-sell your vehicle.

We also manage your end-of-lease hand-back to lessors

Fleetcare actively manage the vehicle hand-back process, avoiding hefty penalties and charges for minor vehicle damage that may have occurred during the vehicle’s operational life. From inspection to pre-disposal reconditioning and then final hand-over to the lessor - Fleetcare manage the lot. We protect your bottom line.

Re-selling vehicles with Fleetcare is easy

We organise everything for you - from quotes to repairs and assessments to sale, while keeping you in control. We do all the research, and come to you with options for approval. You get an independent assessment of your vehicles’ condition through a pre-end of term inspection.

What Fleetcare will do for you

  • Selecting the most appropriate resale channel for the vehicle (auction, fixed price selling, employee sale)
  • Evaluating reserve and sale price
  • Making sure your vehicle is sold quickly

Remarketing with Fleetcare will see your vehicles sold on time and at the right price every time.


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