Vehicle Purchasing

Select the right lease type, term and mix of vehicles for your fleet

Our expert advice, teamed with flexible leasing options gives you the best results for your fleet while keeping cost efficient. Our industry experts help you with vehicle and plant acquisition, selecting the right lease type, optimum term and right mix of vehicles for your business needs.

What Fleetcare will do for you

Reliable Replacement Programme

We’ll advise you when a vehicle needs replacing, ensuring the vehicle acquisition process is organised and efficient.

Your Policy is Our Policy

At your request we enforce strict vehicle selection practices across the fleet to meet your objectives. We deliver advice on configurations of accessories, fuel consumption, and environmental efficiency. We also consider the transfer of existing equipment from one vehicle to another.

Competition Delivers Best Price

Fleetcare is Australia’s largest privately-owned fleet management company. We work with your policies and practices, and shop around to ensure the best price.

  • We work with you and Australia’s leading vehicle manufacturers to ensure you receive only the best service and choice
  • Fleetcare’s reporting service provides proactive management with exception reports and supply schedules keep you informed and your fleets replacement cycles on track.

The Best Funding Method for You

Fleetcare provide clients with advice on the acquisition of vehicles, so you can ensure you are receiving the optimal funding methods and terms according to the particular use of each vehicle. This could be an operating lease, finance lease, hire purchase or cash, depending on your situation.

Specialised Fit-Outs

Fleetcare can fit-out your vehicles according to your needs. Our extensive fit-out options include:

  • Mine site specifications
  • Specialised suspensions
  • Disability resources including wheelchair tracking and hydraulic lifts

Fleetcare are committed to providing efficient service at the best possible rate. We use local businesses around Australia to ensure that your vehicle acquisition, supply and fit-out is co-ordinated so you can focus on your business.

Vehicle Purchasing


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