Registration & Infringements

Protecting your drivers and your business

Registration Management

Fleetcare provides support with fleet registrations and ensures your vehicles are always registered by:

  • Coordinating the licensing and re-registration process
  • Managing vehicle inspections and plate changes when necessary
  • Guaranteeing the new labels are in the drivers’ hands before the old ones have expired
  • Working with your drivers and the authorities to guarantee 100% registration compliance

In states where there is choice of compulsory third party insurance we arrange this on our client's behalf in a consolidated facility managed by us.

Infringement management

Nobody likes infringement notices but the consequences are serious if the required actions are not taken. In some states, an unpaid fine can result in vehicles being temporarily de-registered.

Fleetcare have in place procedures that ensure infringements in vehicle fleets are managed quickly and promptly by:

  • Receiving the mailed infringements
  • Monitoring their settlement
  • Issuing reminders if they’ve been ignored
  • Arranging appropriate advice if the driver believes the notice should be contested
  • Keeping records of the types of infringements (such as parking, red light camera, speeding fines and tollway violations)
  • Suggesting driver education if and where necessary

Through our monthly incident report, Fleetcare keep you up to date on these issues.

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